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Why Faze Kalei Is Furious Over Her Twitch Ban

FaZe Clan's Kalei Renay received a Twitch ban today for what the company calls "sexually suggestive conduct." It's the "Call of Duty: Warzone" superstar's first ban on the site since her signing. However, what made the ban even more upsetting was the fact that it didn't make much sense to her and her fans. 

Kalei shared the email she received with her followers about the supposed reason for her ban. Twitch defined sexually suggestive content as explicit gesturing to private parts, talking about sexual experiences for an extended period of time, and other sexual-focused content. Kalei and her viewers know that her content is minimally sexual, if sexual at all.

"ALL I WEAR IS OVERSIZED HOODIES AND SHIRTS," she tweeted in her defense. Kalei apparently didn't wear an oversized top when she got a tattoo on her collarbone, but didn't find the outfit offensive enough to warrant a ban. However, the ban apparently doesn't even have to do with her on-stream clothing. 

Twitch claimed that the offense occurred "in public or private chat messages," which could mean it happened in DMs or chat. One sympathetic commenter suggested that it could be because of chat moderation, but Kalei argued that likely wasn't the case because of how strictly she moderates her chat. "You can't even type "babe" or "baby" in my chat without getting timed out for 300 seconds," she wrote in response. Since FaZe Kalei doesn't know what she can do about the ban, she's pushing back the only way she knows how.

What Kalei is doing about her ban

According to Dexerto, Kalei followed up with a now-deleted tweet about how the timing of the ban would interfere with a sponsored stream and her participation in an upcoming tournament. However, it looks like there's not much she can do. Twitch doesn't seem to have responded so far, either.

"It's literally 5 am at Twitch headquarters and I just have to sit here wondering what I did because they won't answer emails because they literally don't tell you what you said or did," she wrote (via Dexerto). "Three days probably over a false strike. Love my life, honestly."

Twitch didn't specify the length of the ban, though they've been known to last anywhere from a few hours to a full month. Only some streamers, like Dr Disrespect, commit serious enough offenses to receive an indefinite ban. At this time of writing, Kalei's Twitch channel is still down.