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Why Star Wars Fans Should Be Excited For December 14

To coincide with the upcoming holiday season, "Star Wars" has announced a big "Bring Home the Bounty" marketing campaign. Through this new initiative, Disney and Lucasfilm will be releasing new "Star Wars" products each week, which include "Mandalorian"-styled Crocs, figurines, and clothing items such as a LucasFilm 50th anniversary bomber jacket among others. The official press release comes with a road map, indicating what products will be announced and on what day. And it's the image used on Dec. 14 that has "Star Wars" fans — particularly those fans who are also gamers — getting really excited. 

The biggest tip-off to Dec. 14 potentially being the date when a new "Star Wars" game is announced is the icon the represents it on the official event calendar. Whereas other moments in the "Bring Home the Bounty" campaign are marked with specific iconic "Star Wars" imagery, such as a Mandalorian helmet or Grogu, the icon for Dec. 14 is just a generic video game controller. This has led fans to believe that this is specifically meant to indicate the legendary space opera franchise's plans to unveil a new video game.

What will the new Star Wars game be like?

"Star Wars" video games have gained steam ever since Disney purchased the IP from George Lucas outright in 2012. In the period that followed, Disney gave controversial publisher EA exclusive publishing right when it came to "Star Wars" in game form. The end results of this agreement have been mixed, to say the least, with EA publishing games ranging from the divisive "Star Wars: Battlefront" reboot series to the critically-acclaimed "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order." Following this age of polarization in regards to quality and reception, Disney announced that it had ended its exclusive agreement with EA, finally allowing other companies to take a crack at making their own "Star Wars" games and ending EA's monopoly on the market.

In the time that has followed, many rumors regarding future "Star Wars" titles have emerged, with one of them being a game developed by Quantic Dream, of "Detroit: Become Human" and "Heavy Rain" fame. If in line with the studio's previous titles, a "Star Wars" title developed by Quantic Dream could be much more of an interactive movie-like experience, with gameplay being seen as secondary to story and drama. While interesting in theory, this could divide gamers who want to have a more interactive and fluid experience.

Other "Star Wars" games that could be announced on Dec. 14 are an untitled open-world project from Ubisoft, or possibly further updates on the remake of "Knights of the Old Republic." The possibilities are truly endless, and are sure to give "Star Wars" fans many sleepless nights until mid-December.