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Only True Comics Fans Caught This Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Reference

A new story trailer for "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" has offered gamers an extensive look at the characters, settings, and enemies waiting in the upcoming superhero adventure from Rocksteady Studios. While there is plenty to unpack right on the surface of the trailer for the DC Universe game that fans have been waiting for, the clip hides references to the Squad members' debut appearances that only true fans of the original comics are likely to notice.


As a "Suicide Squad" story, the YouTube trailer depicts events getting underway from a pretty common place for these unlikely anti-heroes: Arkham Asylum. Fans see characters such as Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang trade in their prison uniforms for something more in line with their signature style as they head out to take on the corrupted Justice League. While the trailer doesn't include any gameplay footage, it does give gamers a feel for the general tone that fans can expect from the upcoming "Suicide Squad" game.

Each character's first comics appearance is slyly referenced in the first outfits that fans see in the trailer.

Each character's prison uniform points to their comics debut

Fans who cross-reference the numbers on each prison uniform shown in the trailer for "Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League" will find an obscure easter egg honoring the Squad's comic book history.

Deadshot, for example, has "59-06-50" visible on his shirt, a reference to "Batman" Issue 59, which was printed in June 1950. This issue marked the first appearance of Deadshot as a vigilante marksman with a secret plan to assume control of a criminal empire in Gotham City.


Likewise, Captain Boomerang's shirt is stamped with "117-12-60," a call back to his debut in "The Flash" Issue 117, first published in December 1960. In his first outing, a remarkably cleaner-cut Captain Boomerang was lured away from an honest life as a boomerang company mascot to a life of crime — which naturally involved jewelry theft and tying the Flash to a giant boomerang.

Fans will also see King Shark's first appearance referenced on his orange jumpsuit, which the prisoner kept with him after being transferred from Belle Reve Federal Penitentiary. King Shark has the digits "001094" on his uniform, a callback to his appearance in "Superboy" Issue 0 from October 1994.

Oddly enough, Harley Quinn doesn't wear any serial number at all — but that may be because her debut wasn't in a comic book series. Instead, Harley first appeared in "Batman: The Animated Series" before making her way to to the printed page a few years later.