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PS5's Annoying Issue Is Showing Its Ugly Face Again

An old PS5 firmware issue has seemingly resurfaced after a recent update, causing the console to install the PlayStation 4 versions of various PlayStation 5 games. Some people have reported that their PS5 consoles continually try to install the PS4 versions of these titles, specifically off an inserted disc.

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, there have been plenty of releases that include both a PS4 and a PS5 edition, with some even offering free upgrades to the current-gen console. This might sound like a great feature, but players have identified clear drawbacks. For example, even after canceling the installation multiple times and uninstalling the game, one user on Reddit couldn't seem to stop their PS5 from installing the PS4 version of "Death Stranding."

"I got the PS5 version downloaded and installed, but every day my PS5 keeps showing that the PS4 version of 'death stranding' is either installed (even though I've deleted it 3x's now) or that it's currently installing it," wrote Insatiablecannabista. Commenters shared similar issues with "Death Stranding" and the disc version of "Tales of Arise." Unfortunately, Sony has yet to issue an official explanation or fix for the latest iteration of the error. So, what are your options if you run into this particular snag?

How to solve your PS5 game version download problem

TheGamer confirmed that one of its own writers has encountered an issue with their copy of "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" attempting to force install the PS4 edition of the game. It also reported that the broader version install problem first popped up shortly after the initial launch of the PS5, with console owners detailing a similar error involving cross-gen games on disc that was supposedly fixed back in February. 

Luckily, the September PS5 firmware update added labels to game tiles, clearly showing if a game is a PS4 or PS5 version. While most people won't want to waste the storage space on PS4 games they aren't playing, at least they're much less likely to accidentally play the wrong edition of a particular title.

Right now, the best solution is to remove the game disc whenever you aren't playing the PS5. When you put the disc in to play, you can cancel the PS4 version download. It's not a perfect solution, but it should prevent the PS5 from installing the PS4 version while in rest mode. Other users have suggested turning off automatic downloads in the console settings, although it's unclear if this solves the problem. 

Sony has said that it plans to distribute more large PS5 firmware updates in the future. Hopefully, one of these downloads will fix the issue for good. In the meantime, these workarounds are your best bet for enjoying your next-gen upgrades.