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This Warzone Play Sent Dr Disrespect's Fists Flying

Professional streamers TimTheTatman and Dr Disrepect were recently involved in a "Call of Duty: Warzone" tournament that ended up not going their way, prompting an angry Doc to lash out against the game's auto-aim system and parts of his gaming setup.

The duo was competing in BOOM.TV's "The Last Dance in Verdansk" tournament when Dr Disrespect was taken out by an enemy he understood to be playing on a controller, thus taking advantage of the game's in-game aim-assist. The streamer has had a long-standing issue with aim-assist, and "Call of Duty" pros were furious with Dr Disrespect after he tweeted, "Without your aim assist, you ain't nothin" in September. That comment started an intense debate amongst some of the best-known gamers currently playing "Call of Duty: Warzone," but Dr Disrespect isn't alone in his hatred of auto-aim, as Ninja has also called the feature hacking in "Fortnite."

In his most recent run-in with the controversial aid, Dr Disrespect had plenty of opinions to express beyond accusing auto-aim of simply being a hack. After getting taken out of the tournament, the streamer took out his anger on both his opponents and his chair. Here is the "Call of Duty: Warzone" play that prompted Dr Disrespect to take a swing at his gaming setup.

Dr Disrespect is 'sick and tired' of auto-aim

The death behind Dr Disrespect's most recent tirade against the feature – which is automatically enabled on platforms that use controllers as their default input, such as Xbox and PlayStation consoles – occurred in the first match of "The Last Dance in Verdansk" tournament.

Dr Disrespect ended up in a firefight with Almxnd and Tommey, who ultimately placed first in the BOOM.TV hosted tournament. After the pair helicoptered into the area, Doc was able to press the advantage and land a shot on Almxnd, which dropped him. However, as he tried to see if he could take out Almxnd teammate, Tommey got him in his sights and quickly sent him to the ground.

It was a fate that Dr Disresepct had encountered one time too many. As soon as his character was knocked, the Doc muttered, "Aim assist just locks you on, huh?" Waiting for the Kill Cam did nothing to calm the streamer down, who seemingly had his auto-aim suspicions confirmed by the replay.

All of that led to a violent moment, as Dr Disrespect landed a pretty solid punch on his gaming chair. As he reimagined his composure, he spoke to his teammate, stating, "Listen, Timmy, I'm so sick and tired of this f***ing cheesy a** aim-assist crossplay." The streamer soon took to Twitter to make sure his opinions were known, writing, "The fact that I have a $300,000 PC that does nothing against aim assist blows my mind."