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Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer Takes A Page Out Of Battlefield's Playbook

With the highly anticipated release of "Halo Infinite" right around the corner on December 8, developers are finally giving fans more insight into what the game's campaign will entail, and what's next for Master Chief, in a newly released campaign trailer. In the latest effort from 343 Studios, "Halo Infinite" will follow Master Chief as the Spartan supersoldier wages war against the Banished — a Brute-led mercenary group that has broken from the Covenant — and searches for Cortana with the aid of a new AI companion, known only by its codename "The Weapon".

"Halo Infinite" will take place on Zeta Halo, a mysterious damaged planet in what 343 Studios called "the biggest [Halo] campaign to date", with an open world element allowing players to approach each mission at their own discretion. Above all, the campaign trailer revealed some pretty awesome bits of combat, with an emphasis being put on newly introduced features such as the grappling hook, which can seemingly be used for pretty much everything, be it grabbing enemies, weapons, and more. However, one shot in particular seems to reference another first-person shooter that is also on the horizon.

Halo Infinite's campaign trailer shows an aerial move reminiscent to a classic Battlefield highlight

As per usual, "Halo Infinite" will see Master Chief helm an assortment of different vehicles ranging from the classic UNSC Warthog armored car, to aerial vessels used to deal death from above. One such vehicle of the latter category is the Banshee, which is essentially a Covenant warplane capable of engaging in traditional dog fights or providing support close to land. In the campaign trailer, Master Chief piloted a Banshee while being pursued by two enemies. He then bailed out of the vehicle in midair and used a rocket launcher to destroy one of the enemy pursuits before using a grappling hook to return to the Banshee.

This is seemingly a direct reference to an epic Easter egg that "Battlefield 2042" put in its launch trailer, which showed a pilot bailing out of a jet, sniping a pursuing pilot, and then re-boarding their own plane all while being thousands of feet in the air. This was an homage to an old, epic video in which "RendeZook" does the same maneuver in "Battlefield 3." If the trailer action is any indication, "Halo Infinite's" campaign is shaping to be a fun experience full of chaos and unpredictability.