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Alinity Weighs In On Valkyrae Getting 'Destroyed By The Internet'

The recent product launch of Valkyrae's RFLCT skincare line went viral due to controversy surrounding the product's claims that it acts as SPF for blue light. Valkyrae said she thought some of the criticism was warranted and explained what went wrong with RFLCT, but the discussion surrounding the brand continued, with other streamers weighing in — or refusing to weigh in — on the issue. Now, Alinity has shared her take on why Rae's friends aren't rushing to help her out of her PR troubles.

Valkyrae expressed disappointment in a stream, saying that none of her friends asked her about RFLCT's website or the lack of information. xQc streamed Valkyrae's video to his own viewers, commenting on the incident and explaining that it's not Valkyrae's friends' responsibility to alert her to potential business issues. Now, Alinity has shared similar thoughts, this time putting the blame on the friends in question.

While explaining how Mizkif helped her out of her own personal drama, Alinity asked him, "When you see somebody being wrong, do you actually defend them?" Alinity commented that most people hesitate to help their friends if they feel like they have something to lose. She noted that the risk sometimes feels more intense than the potential benefit of maintaining the friendship and helping out another person. Then, she turned her attention to Valkyrae's specific situation.

Alinity says friends won't be there for you

"That's what I think happened with Valkyrae," Alinity said. "She was really upset that her friends didn't come and defend her, but she needs to understand that a lot of people are afraid. ... It's not worth it, getting destroyed by the internet." Alinity went on to say that she experienced something similar, and that "everybody stopped talking to [her] when [she] had drama." While the point of Alinity's speech was to praise Mizkif's bravery in defending her, she raised an interesting issue amongst streamers. Public perception is important, and it's possible that some of Valkyrae's more famous streamer friends didn't want to be associated with a project that made them look bad.

Of course, Alinity is no stranger to drama of her own, and her past experiences have given her an interesting vantage point from which to comment on other internet happenings. She originally stirred up the internet's ire after tossing her cat across a room on stream, but she's more recently received criticism over some restaurant drama where she claimed her server was "racist." No matter what fans know Alinity for, it's clear that she's been raked through the mud before, and she has the experience necessary to speculate on Valkyrae's situation.