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How Twitch Just Made This Delivery Driver's Day

Everybody loves some good, wholesome entertainment that highlights the best in people. After all, life is a pretty difficult venture, and anything that makes it easier is always welcome to help quell the pressures and stress that comes with having to go through it each day. Such occurrences occasionally happen on Twitch, a streaming platform that is home to some of the most popular figureheads in the gaming community. One such instance happened on an October 23rd broadcast on Twitch where streamer 'Sweatcicle' — a Twitch partner known previously for beating a near-impossible challenge in "Destiny 2" put forth by a community manager — ordered a pizza from Domino's, promising that any donations he received in the subsequent two minutes would be used as a tip for the delivery driver. Donations began pouring in, racking up a sizable amount in a short amount of time.

In that two minutes, Sweatcicle's audience donated a total of $72 for the delivery driver, a pretty decent chunk of cash for a Domino's delivery. To make it even better, the audience on Twitch were treated to the driver's amazing reaction.

The delivery driver's reaction to receiving a $72 cash tip was very wholesome

Upon the pizza's delivery, Sweatcicle brought the delivery driver on stream to thank the viewers for their generous contribution. The Domino's delivery driver, who introduced herself as Sophia, could hardly contain her excitement as she addressed the audience, saying that the donation would be good enough to cover her electric bill. "You guys are great, you guys are awesome," Sophia told Sweatcicle's community. "Thank you so much. You guys rock." The delivery driver's hand could be seen shaking with excitement as she gave Sweatcicle a high-five before departing.

Recently, Twitch has been a less-than-stellar place to be, with the platform banning streamers left and right in the fallout of its leak, which has put several Twitch accounts in danger. But in the midst of all the madness, it's good to see that some people have continues to use the platform as a conduit for good. Sweatcicle and Sophia's heartfelt moment might not be representative of Twitch as a whole, but the fact that this kind of generosity has made the rounds is confirmation that people still love a feel-good story.

Shoutout to Sweatcicle's community for pitching in and making another person's day better, if even for a moment. These acts of kindness show that the internet still has some goodwill to share.