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Dr Disrespect Slams Fan For TimTheTatman Comparison

Dr. Disrespect is one of the most notorious streamers in the game. Since joining the live streaming space in 2011, the wig-wearing, mustache-sporting Doc has polarized viewers with his brash, energetic, and comedic persona while playing games such as "Call of Duty: Warzone" and "Rogue Company." The Doc has become unlikely pals with fellow streamer TimTheTatman, who is considerably more laid back than him. Since TimTheTatman announced that he was leaving Twitch for YouTube, the two have played videos with each other nearly every day. 

Following Doc's ban on Twitch, Tim was one of the few streamers on the platform that broke his silence on the subject, proving a real friendship between the two. As friends, the pair also like to poke fun at each other — and occasionally, viewers contribute to the madness by fanning the flames.

On one of Doc's recent streams, a viewer clowned on the Doc's long intro and compared it to one of Tim's streams, leading the Two-Time Blockbuster Video Game Champion to go on a huge rant that is sure to elicit some surprised chuckles.

Why Dr. Disrespect lost it with a viewer

In line with many other streamers, Doc consistently reads aloud messages that come with donations, often with a witty and acerbic tone. One such donation in a recent stream called out Doc for his long intros, eliciting a typically intense response from the champ. 

"Your intros are longer than Tim's ... says Brian f***ing Fuentes." Doc said while reading the chat. He continued, "Get the f*** out of here ... I hate the b***hy attitude of people these days. Sensitive, b***hy, hand-fed attitude. Get him out!"

In typical Doc fashion, the fit of rage was only temporary, of course. He quickly settled down before quipping that he was actually "feeling good tonight." With that in mind — and if the streamer's history is any indication — it's likely that the Doc doesn't actually have a problem with how TimTheTatman runs his streams or even the viewer who roasted him. Still, even if this was only an instance of feigned anger, it's hard not to imagine this viewer's reactions as the barbs kept flying.

Recently, Doc was floored by another viewer who poked fun at a change in his regular costume, namely his decision to swap his usual black sweatshirt for a white one. Though the costume change drew comparisons to Fire Mario, it seems the Doc took that particular roast in stride. Seems like the Two-Time can still laugh at himself when he wants to.