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Dr Disrespect Raises Suspicions About Warzone Aim-Assist

Dr Disrespect brought "Call of Duty: Warzone" aim-assist back into conversation with claims about a possible change in the feature. His suspicions surrounding aim-assist came after losing a game to a player with astoundingly precise aim. Those who watch the kill can see a slight snap to Doc before the inevitable KO. 


"I might as well plug in my controller at this point, huh," Doc said after losing the shoot-out. "That's insane. It just doesn't allow you to miss any bullets."

This led Doc to question the latest patches to the game. "Has there been an update to that thing?" he asked. "A secret little sneak through a patch update that makes the aim-assist a little bit stronger?"

"Call of Duty" has had silent updates before, of course, but it isn't the norm. Doc angered "Call of Duty" pros with his criticisms against controller players in the past, since console gamers get a bit of a leg up with aim-assist. However, this time it seems he's aiming his frustration at the developers, rather than making assertions about PC player superiority. In the end, Doc admitted that he missed "a lot of shots” and decided that maybe lowering his sensitivity could help him in the next shoot-out. His viewers had other ideas, though.


Is it aim-assist or is it hacking?

Doc's fans commented on the supposed aim-assist in chat and YouTube comments on related videos, with several guessing that hacking was responsible for Doc's loss, rather than regular aim-assist.

"That first kill snap looked like a little more than controller aim assist," one skeptic commented. Hacker hunters like BadBoy Beaman have pointed out these kinds of snaps in breakdown videos, showing how these sudden moves can sometimes be a sign of cheating.


"That isn't aim assist," another agreed. "That's some hacking device that has locked on automatically for that player. Been playing Warzone on both PS4/PS5 and PC and I never get aim assist like that."

Aim-assist continues to be a point of contention across competitive FPS games. "Fortnite" in particular turned heads with its aim-assist change back in 2020, and players still argue today whether or not controller player hate is warranted. Unfortunately, aim assist sometimes does its job too well, and streamers like Ninja have gone as far to call it "hacking" in games like "Fortnite."

It's impossible to confirm if Doc's opponent was hacking or using aim-assist based on just the footage. Raven Software hasn't confirmed any changes to aim-assist, either. For now, players who have their doubts about aim-assist will have to plug in a controller and see for themselves.