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Animal Crossing Fans Have A Pest Problem In New Update

The latest update for "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" went live a few days earlier than Nintendo said it would (via IGN), resulting in many fans scrambling back to their islands after months of neglect. Those people returning to their abandoned islands have a number of new issues to deal with, like an abundance of weeds and upset villagers who have been forced to fend for themselves. Now with the update live, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" looks completely different – with one of the biggest changes being the fact that villagers can enter your home and hang out while you are inside of it. And they frequently do.

Unfortunately, those friendly villagers will bail after entering your home if there are roaches present. "New Horizons" players have tweeted hilarious clips of villagers entering a home, seeing a roach, and immediately canceling their hang-out session. The villagers also specifically state that the roaches are the reason they are leaving, but it might be easier said than done to remove the roaches before making a bad impression. 

If you haven't played "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" in a long time, your home will be filled with roaches. There is no way to restrict villagers from coming into your home, so what are you supposed to do to keep from embarrassing your virtual self?

A race to kill roaches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In the aftermath of the new update, players are attempting to race against the clock to clear their homes of roaches before villagers attempt to enter. The problem is that many fans are unable to fully clean their homes before a villager drops by for a visit, resulting in the welcome wagon running off immediately. It's unclear if villagers will always show up that quickly after booting up the game, but it's resulting in some funny interactions. If you haven't gotten the update just yet, you might want to pop in and clear your home of bugs before downloading.

There are also plenty of other new features in the free "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" update, including the much-requested Brewster's Cafe. Players can also grow crops and cook food, introducing new things to make. The other major part of the new additions to "Animal Crossing: New Horizons," the "Happy Home Paradise" content, comes with the huge catch of being paid DLC. Players can either fork over $25 to buy it outright or they can subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack for $50 a year. That online service includes Nintendo 64 games, with at least a dozen more on the way, however, players will lose access to the DLC if their subscription lapses.