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The Real Reason Amouranth Spent $4 Million On A Gas Station

Fans of Amouranth are used to seeing the streamer making headlines, but instead of dominating a new Twitch category or dealing with another Twitch ban, she's currently turning heads with a recent investment. Amouranth spent $4 million on a gas station and the world is scratching its head as to why. 

There's no question Amouranth has the money to spend on such an endeavor — after all, she makes over $1 million a month through her various enterprises. With more and more streamers trying to follow the blueprint of Amouranth's success, the question on everyone's mind is: What does she plan to do with a gas station?

While Amouranth has certainly become famous for her hot tub streams and ASMR content, fans also know that Amouranth is very business-minded, sometimes breaking from her regular cadence to talk cold, hard cash. With that in mind, it may not come as a surprise to learn that Amouranth didn't buy a gas station as some kind of weird publicity stunt; she actually made a calculated investment.

Why Did Amouranth Buy a Gas Station?

First of all, Amouranth doesn't plan to be at the gas station every day; that would certainly make for a mystifying career transition. The superstar streamer took to Twitter on her personal account to explain her plans and to put some of her follower's worries to rest.

"For the record it would be dumb for me to buy a gas station and run it myself," Amouranth tweeted. She added, "I am buying it & [triple net leasing] it to a publicly traded company." So Amouranth saw an investment opportunity and jumped on it, but how will it all work?

Amouranth explained, "Now since we bought this gas station... I will take an accelerated depreciation charge of approximately $3m." Amouranth invested $1 million of her own money and borrowed the other $3 million for the purchase, but when all the dust clears after taxes, she stands to be $110,000 in the positive — meaning she essentially got the gas station for "free." 

In addition to this, the gas station stands to make around $85,000 yearly in "rental/lease income." Amouranth doesn't plan to own to property forever, but it'll steadily earn income until she turns around and sells it for more than it cost her, at which point she may take that money and invest elsewhere. After this successful endeavor, there's no telling what's up next for the Twitch streamer.