Every New Among Us Role Explained

InnerSloth dropped a significant update for its indie darling "Among Us" with a 5-minute announcement stream in early November. This "Emergency Meeting" consisted of an animation that revealed the addition of in-game currencies and customization options. All standard stuff. Then, it introduced the new roles. 


Players already knew the Shapeshifter would change the game forever when developers teased it earlier in the month. However, the update revealed four new roles total: Scientist, Shapeshifter, Engineer, and Guardian Angel. These roles mirror other popular social deduction games with special abilities that allow them to disrupt an otherwise normal game with added layers of strategy. Until now, "Among Us" only had two roles: Crewmates and Imposters. 

Players can turn off the four new roles if they want the OG experience. Alternatively, they can turn up the percentage of these roles appearing in their games and watch chaos ensue. Of course, before taking on any of these roles, it might be helpful to learn what each of them actually does. Here's what you can expect from these new "Among Us" roles, as well as some tips on how to play them.



Scientists can access their crew members' vital signs at any time. These specialized Crewmates have a personal monitor that can alert them the instant somebody flatlines. So they will know about fresh bodies that haven't been reported earlier than others, but they still need to find where in order to report them.


Vitals have always been a part of the game. However, Crewmates need to visit the Office in Polus or Medical in The Airship to see them. Understandably, Impostors would want to kill off the Scientists to hide information on when someone died or who already has died. It can trip up inexperienced Impostors who report the body of someone they just murdered, which a Scientist might be able to deduce with Vitals.

There's a catch, though. According to an InnerSloth blog post, the Scientist's monitor has a battery that they need to recharge by completing tasks. Scientists can't explore without worrying about this meter, even if they have more knowledge than other Crewmates.


Shapeshifters are a special kind of Impostor that can transform into any Crewmate. They can shapeshift into someone else to frame them for a murder. Alternatively, they can shapeshift into one of their victims to peg their crimes on an already dead crew member. A true Impostor, considering they can literally impersonate somebody. 


These super Impostors need to especially consider their timing. Shapeshifters can only keep their alternate forms for a limited time before reverting back to normal. They also can't do back-to-back transformations, so they need to keep in mind how much time has elapsed since their last change. Still, Crewmates can expect a field day trying to catch one of these experienced tricksters in the act. 

Thankfully, InnerSloth thought ahead in case players find the role too OP. Players can adjust how long Shapeshifters can stay shifted and if they leave behind any traces of physical evidence, which InnerSloth showcased in the role preview on its blog.


Engineers are handy Crewmates that can use Vents to fast travel across the map. Crewmates can only use hallways to reach different rooms, so Engineers have an advantage in traveling to the same destination. They can quickly access information and complete tasks if they choose to travel through Vents. These entrances also give them a possible escape route when running from suspected Impostors. 


Before, only Impostors could use Vents in "Among Us." Engineers add another layer of complexity to the game as a Crewmate that can tattle on Impostors they see crawling through the ducts. However, unlike Impostors, Engineers can only stay in the ducts for a limited time. 

So Engineers have to make sure not to become a victim of someone they catch in the act. They also should think twice before jumping into Vents right in front of other Crewmates. After all, their duct-traveling abilities can come off as sus to teammates that don't know the truth. 

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel differs from the other roles in the sense that it allows a dead player to still play the game. This ghostly helper can defend living beans with a protective shield that prevents Impostors from killing them for a short time. Basically, you're dead and just trying to help your fellow Crewmates live to see another Emergency Meeting.


It's not as easy as pressing a button, though. Guardian Angels need to time the shield to protect their friends at the right moment. Activating a shield too late can mean a skewered teammate. However, activating too early can also mean that a shield will wear off before the innocent bean body has time to escape. The shield only lasts a few seconds, and Guardian Angels need time to recharge their abilities. 

Guardian Angels are still technically out of the game, so they can't speak about who the Impostors are. They can only protect others and hope that the living sort out the rest themselves. By the way, they can't mistakenly (or purposefully) save Impostors. After all, they're dead for a reason! They already should know who the Impostors are.