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New Among Us Role Will Change The Game Forever

Ever since Innersloth canceled the proposed sequel to "Among Us" to focus on strengthening the experience that many gamers were already enjoying, the developers have regularly delivered new content such as maps, tasks, and seasonal cosmetics. The next major update for the game is expected to arrive soon, and a recent blog post included a sneak peek at a new imposter power that could permanently change the way "Among Us" is played.

Previous updates have expanded the "Among Us" world by delivering the all-new Airship map, which took the social deduction game away from the cold expanse of space and into the sky. When the Airship map arrived, it brought a whole new list of tasks for the crew to perform, from simple short jobs such as restocking the armory to multi-part objectives like resetting the breakers. While some of these new challenges may have been little more than variations on existing mechanics, they helped add some diversity to a title whose gameplay can sometimes be repetitive.

One portion of the "Among Us" experience that has remained essentially unchanged, however, is the role of the Imposter. While impersonating a crewmember, executing foes, and generally sowing distrust is a pretty thrilling experience in itself, it seems that Innersloth has decided it is time to expand the Imposter's toolset. The Imposter is about to get more dangerous than ever before, thanks to a quickly-approaching update. Here is the new "Among Us" role that could change the way the game is played for good.

Crew members will now have to look out for shapeshifting Imposters

As detailed on the official Innersloth blog, Imposters in "Among Us" will gain a powerful new tool in the latest update: the ability to shapeshift into a crewmate of their choice.

Innersloth explains that when the update arrives, at a date that is currently unspecified, it will come with a variety of new roles for crewmates and one new role for the imposter, the shapeshifter. As the shapeshifter, players can pull up a menu that includes all surviving crewmates, allowing them to choose one and assume their identity, although the transformation leaves evidence for crewmates to find. This role presumably opens up new avenues for creative deception, and Innersloth wrote, "Our internal playtests have already become extremely chaotic from this change, and it's a ton of fun trying to guess who's who."

However, fans who prefer their sessions to retain the same mechanics they've come to love ever since the "Among Us" became a massive success in 2020 will have the choice to turn off the shapeshifter role. Additionally, players will be able to modify the probability of the shapeshifter ability appearing, the duration that players remain shapeshifted, and whether or not shapeshifting evidence appears. In other words, every match with a shapeshifter has the potential to be different from every one before it. Innersloth says the update is "coming soon."