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Valkyrae Explains Why xQc Used To Be 'Intimidating'

Valkyrae might seem like a woman that can fearlessly take on anything, but even she has anxieties when it comes to strong personalities. The streaming star admitted that she found internet bad boy xQc "intimidating" before she got to know him. However, her friend Sykkuno helped bridge the gap between the two. 


As reported by Dexerto, xQc came up in casual conversation during a subathon for fellow streamer Miyoung "Kkatamina" Kim. Rae donated $5,000 worth of Twitch subs before appearing alongside Kim on stream to talk about their mutual friends. 

One off-screen friend recalled that she asked Rae to join a "Mario Party" lobby with xQc because she was too scared to go herself. Then, Rae admitted that she was scared of him too — at least, back then. She quickly clarified that wasn't the case anymore.

"He is nice! I mean, he is really nice," Rae stressed. "He's just intimidating." 

Rae didn't specify what in particular made her uncomfortable about xQc. It could easily be because of his strong online persona, his many bans from various venues, or the other controversies he's caused throughout his career. Whatever the reason, Sykkuno seemed to be the key in soothing her doubts.


How Sykkuno connected Valkyrae with xQc

Sykkuno, a generally wholesome internet icon and streamer, openly spends time with both Rae and xQc. He's a regular member of the internet friend group the "Four Amigops," which includes Rae, DisguisedToast, and Corpse Husband. As for xQc, he got to know him through "Grand Theft Auto" roleplaying. Rae explained that Sykkuno's mere presence during group hangouts with xQc helped her feel more comfortable around him.


"Sykkuno just has this barrier where it's like you feel safe in there," she said of her fellow amigop. "He's the connector to everybody."

Sykkuno used to roleplay with xQc in NoPixel's "Grand Theft Auto" server, and even said that xQc inspired him to let loose with his criminal role. The two seemed to stay on good terms ever since, even after NoPixel booted xQc. Sykkuno even tried to get them to undo his GTA ban. Well, one of his GTA bans.

Rae doesn't seem to be best buds with xQc just yet, but she seemed to acknowledge him as a regular person outside of the more over-the-top persona he usually exhibits on stream. Thanks to Sykkuno, more streamers are coming together to play the games they love.