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The Internet Is Head Over Heels For Halo Infinite's Cutest Character

Following the surprise launch of the "Halo Infinite" multiplayer beta, fans are hard at work exploring what the new title has in store for longtime gamers. It seems that no one can resist the charms of Master Chief and company.  The multiplayer is so fun, in fact, that it caused Dr Disrespect himself to change course on his opinion of "Halo Infinite." While online fights to the death can be intense, nail-biting affairs, some players are finding unexpectedly lighthearted aspects in the new "Halo" title, signaling to others that the latest entry in the series might be more playful than fans initially thought.

On Reddit, user AlexReactor posted a picture of a Spartan with adorable cat ears atop its helmet, captioning the image, "One of the Bots [in multiplayer] is named Meowlnir and he has Cat Ears. God help us all." It's fitting that AlexReactor asked for help from the divine, since Meowlnir is likely a reference to Thor's mighty hammer, Mjolnir. One reader speculated that the "devs had fun with this one," while others said the bots could be "walking advertisements" for cosmetics players will be able to purchase in-game. 

The latter makes an awful lot of sense, especially considering the way some players have reacted to Meowlnir's appearance. On Twitter, many fans simply wanted to know where they could get a helmet like Meowlnir's, indicating that there's indeed a demand for kawaii Spartan gear. Meanwhile, one Reddit user determined that this may only be the beginning of cute "Halo Infinite" cosmetics.

More Halo Infinite cosmetics could be on the way

As one commenter on Reddit pointed out, Meowlnir's helmet was featured in a previous "Halo Infinite" leak, along with many other cosmetics. The user linked to the leak images, which also included cherry blossom antlers, fiery wings, an illuminated mohawk, and (appropriately) a glowing halo. 

At the time, gamers thought the leak might have been a form of "viral marketing," despite not having much information to form that theory. Now, it seems that Meowlnir and the other items are actually featured in "Halo Infinite" and could hypothetically become available to players in the future. They hope, anyway. Some gamers confirmed their willingness to pay "actual money" for cute cosmetics in-game.

Considering that another player reported seeing antlers in their multiplayer game, it's possible that the leak was real and new cosmetics are coming to "Halo Infinite" in the near future. Some fans have expressed relief at seeing that "Halo" is finally letting them create "cute" characters, even if it adds a more meme-worthy, lighthearted vibe to the game.

For now, "Halo" gamers have plenty to keep them busy without worrying about future cosmetics. With a wide variety of customization, maps, and modes available in the "Halo Infinite" multiplayer beta, the adorable cat ears aren't the only things to obsess over.