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The Real Reason Halo Cut This Betrayal Line From The Game

With "Halo Infinite" surprising fans by releasing its multiplayer early and seeing immediate positive reception from players and streamers alike, "Halo" is making waves again in a big way. Whether it's the first time a player's entering a Slayer match or they're a returning Oddball champion, "Halo Infinite" has the look and feel of a classic "Halo" multiplayer right down to the announcer. While the voice of "Halo" multiplayer, Jeff Steitzer, has been helping bring "Halo" titles to life since "Halo: Combat Evolved," fans only know his work insofar as it appeared in-game. In actuality, Steitzer reveals there's plenty of voice lines that never make it into the game, and this one was his favorite.

Reddit user ChrisVip3 recently shared a Cameo video of Steitzer wishing a player a happy birthday. Cameo is a service that allows individuals to contract voice actors or celebrities to record a personalized video or audio message. After introducing himself and initially wishing the recipient a happy birthday in the video, Steitzer spent some time talking about his experience recording audio for the "Halo" titles and interacting with the fans. His favorite line that never made it into the games? One that involves betraying a team member and former vice president Dick Cheney. Here's the line Steitzer recorded that never made it into a "Halo" game and why.

What Line Did Halo Cut?

Shortly after congratulating the recipient on their 32nd birthday and their accomplishments in "Halo," Steitzer took a few moments to talk about his own experiences with the franchise. He began by saying. "What you have to understand is that even though I record all these medals and announcements, things for the game, when I go into a studio, what happens is I'm handed a sheathe of lines, and I'm rarely told what they mean, where they are in the game, what they're for..." Steitzer went on to say that there are many occasions where lines don't make it into the game for one reason or another and recalled one of his favorites.

Steitzer says, "This was shortly after vice president, then-vice president, Dick Cheney had been on a hunting trip with a friend and had shot him in the face. Well the writers thought it would be amusing to have me say something if you happen to kill one of your teammates, and what you'd hear me say was 'Cheney mania!'" Though Steitzer admits he and the team thought the line was hilarious, Microsoft didn't find it as humorous at the time. The line never made it into the game, which is why, as Steitzer says, "Whenever I get the chance to tell that little anecdote, and say that line, I do." Though fans may never get to hear Steitzer report their presidential betrayal in-game, he was kind enough to share this juicy tidbit with fans.