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What Dr Disrespect Would Really Look Like In Halo

One of the biggest personalities in the gaming community has potentially trolled fans once again. Dr Disrespect, one of the first exclusive YouTube streamers after struggling with a still-mysterious Twitch ban, allegedly leaked his own "Halo Infinite" skin. However, people are debating as to whether or not it's actually a leak or Dr Disrespect goofing around with fans and a franchise he's loved since before his fame.

On November 17, the Doc "accidentally" closed his YouTube player and left up a leaked "Halo Infinite" skin of himself, mullet and all. The picture featured a black and red Epic Helmet that was simply titled "DrDisrespect." There was also quite a bit of lore surrounding the skin, including the idea that "Only the mightiest warriors have been able to carry this faceplate into battle without disintegrating within minutes."

After the "incident," Dr Disrespect played a few pre-recorded skits before he returned and opened "Halo Infinite." He didn't say a word about what happened until later on, when he posted the picture to Twitter with the caption "Officially leaked." Several other streamers that the Doc plays with replied with support, like TimTheTatman and ZLaner. However, these streamers could also be in on the joke or just goofing around themselves. After reviewing the picture and thinking about the company behind "Halo Infinite," many people weren't convinced that the leak could ever be real.

Why fans think it's a hoax

Reddit quickly caught wind of what happened, and there was a lot of discussion about whether or not the leak could be real. In fact, the user deleted the post after a mod decided that it was completely fake and tagged it as misinformation/fake/fanart. The mod said that "Doc is just doing a bit," arguing that the font in the leak was clearly faked and that the hair in the picture was also not something one would see in "Halo Infinite."

Plenty of people agreed for a variety of reasons. Multiple commenters argued that Dr Disrespect wouldn't get a skin with "Halo Infinite" after he was worried that the game would fail with no battle royale mode back in October. However, since then he's reversed course on "Halo Infinite" and has streamed the game quite a few times and even praised the game on Twitter. Whether or not the Two Timer was joking, it's still fun to think about what he could look like if he ever got a skin in the game.