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The Real Reason Dr Disrespect Is Worried About Halo Infinite

Microsoft and 343 Industries recently released a six-minute-long campaign gameplay video for "Halo Infinite" and while the reception has been mostly positive, one notable streamer isn't pleased with it. The campaign video has over 1 million views, with more than 115,000 likes, but despite this positive reception Dr Disrespect isn't that interested in "Halo Infinite."

Dr Disrespect watched the campaign trailer during a recent livestream and was not excited about the game at the end of it. "Six years in production? If you're going to commit to the campaign, make it the newest, most inspiring thing you've ever made. You've got a big, huge budget, and it's for one of the biggest IPs in the industry," Dr Disrespect said.

This isn't the first time Dr Disrespect has been worried about "Halo Infinite." Plenty of people were concerned about "Halo Infinite" prior to its multiplayer tech tests and the campaign footage, but it seems to have won over most people. Dr Disrespect went on to say that nothing made his jaw drop, not the ambiance, graphics, or VFX. The campaign footage showed off the open-world structure of "Halo Infinite" which is new to the series, but there's one thing missing that Dr Disrespect thinks the game desperately needs.

Dr Disrespect won't be happy until Halo Infinite has a battle royale

Despite the video taking a page out of the "Battlefield" playbook, it didn't take long for Dr Disrespect to start talking about a battle royale mode. "All I'm thinking of is a Battle Royale. Look at the vista, look at the mountain in the background," he said. "What's this structure over here, is there a sniper on top of that bad boy with a Banshee? This game would be sick with a Battle Royale."

343 Industries has made it clear that "Halo Infinite" will not be launching with a battle royale mode, although some leaks suggested the team might have had a change of heart so it's possible that the mode could come to the game down the line. Either way, Dr Disrespect doesn't think that "Halo Infinite" will be successful without a battle royale, at least in his opinion. "Halo Infinite" launches on December 8, so Dr Disrespect will be proven right or wrong soon enough.

Users on the r/Games subreddit seemed to disagree with Dr Disrespect, with the most upvoted comments praising the campaign video and the open-world gameplay. It seems as though Dr Disrespect is in the minority of people who aren't excited for "Halo Infinite."