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Hideo Kojima's Instagram Post Has Fans Going Wild

Hideo Kojima recently shared some images to Instagram that have sent fans into a frenzy. The photos suggest the legendary game creator has started work on a new project, at least in some capacity. Though the images don't directly depict or reference any specific title, many commenters on the Instagram post feel certain the images might contain more information than initially meets the eye — in true Kojima fashion. There even looks to be an unfocused and unidentifiable title playing on a monitor behind some recording equipment in one photo, which has only fanned the fire. Fan theories have ranged from a sequel for "Death Stranding" to Kojima actually tackling that long lost "Silent Hill" game fans got to know as "P.T." Here's what Hideo Kojima posted to Instagram and why it has fans going wild.


Hideo Kojima is the founder of Kojima Productions and a video game writer, designer, director, and producer. Kojima is most renowned for his work on the "Metal Gear" series with Konami and then later "Death Stranding," but he's also known for how he interacts with fans. Kojima has a reputation for pulling the rug from under players, surprising them with a reveal after months, or even years, of misdirection. One of the most recent examples was when the creator orchestrated a fake development studio's announcement of "The Phantom Pain" before it was revealed to, in fact, be a "Metal Gear" title. Is Kojima using Instagram to drop cheeky hints about his next project?

What Did Kojima Post On Instagram?

Hideo Kojima shared several images of interest on the social media platform. The first post was a gallery of several images featuring a room with tape segmenting the floor and a few photos of Kojima and other staff interacting with a mo-cap actress. A second post shows microphones and recording equipment with a monitor in the background. It's difficult to identify what's exactly on the monitor, but fans have been quick to note it looks like a third-person video game. Finally, Kojima's third post is another set of images depicting additional work between Kojima Productions staff and the mo-cap actress.


One of the most speculative shots Kojima posted was one where he and the mo-cap actress are both posed; Kojima holding a flashlight and the mo-cap actress holding her hands to her face looking scared. This image, in particular, has reignited fans' hopes that a Kojima-made "Silent Hill" game is still possible. Of course, commenters hope these images are hints Kojima is dropping ahead of this year's Game Awards, where the creator often makes appearances and announcements. Still, whether that's the case or they're just a chronicle of his work, it doesn't seem like we're too far away from hearing about what Kojima's tackling next.