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Corpse Husband's Animated Project Is A Dream Come True For Fans

Corpse Husband, the popular YouTuber known for his iconic deep voice, has been happily surprising fans these past few months. Back in August, Corpse Husband had his first-ever Twitch stream where he played various games with friends like Pokimane and Valkyrae. Earlier this week he made fans even happier when the YouTuber went back to his roots and put out an entire animated scary story, and fans were over the moon with excitement.


On November 17, Corpse Husband published an animated short called "The Strangest 911 Call I Ever Received." The 16-minute animated film went back to the basics, complete with Corpse's perfect horror-storytelling voice and creepy sounds to round off a chilling story. However, the video was put up on his alternative YouTube account, Corpse2, instead of his primary YouTube channel.

While Corpse Husband's YouTube career blew up because of his "Among Us" videos, long-time and hardcore fans might remember his old storytelling videos that featured scary stories. They weren't as popular as his gaming videos — or his music that blew up on TikTok — but those videos were what he did for quite a long time. Many fans were excited to see Corpse Husband's return to scary stories, and Twitter went wild with the news. 


Fans were thrilled

People were excited to see the video, including fans who remembered Corpse Husband's content from before "Among Us."  One fan in particular mentioned that they were proud of the success that Corpse saw and reminisced on old — and now new — videos. Many fans were thankful for the video and expressed their feelings with various images and heartfelt words. Even friend and fellow streamer Tina Kitten shared her excitement over the video.


Others joked about why the streamer was so late to share the news and that everyone's already watched it — including one fan who watched it multiple times. Another shared a very cute picture of a dog and some stickers saying asking why Corpse was so late. 

It was clear that fans loved the video, and many people hoped for more animated horror content. Fans may just get their wish — this wasn't the first time in the recent months that Corpse Husband has stepped back into creepy content.

The streamer might be making a return to scary content

Corpse Husband recently proved he was right at home in the horror genre, even though the games that brought him to fans' attention — like "Among Us" — are less than frightening. He recently turned up the volume on content for games like "Back for Blood" and "Dead by Daylight." That hasn't been the only thing involving "Corpse Husband" and scary games, either.


Last month, it was also announced that Corpse would be starring in the upcoming "Dying Light 2" film. While the film won't release until February of next year, it's still exciting to know that Corpse's voice will play a part in it. Considering he's known for his deep voice, it made sense that companies would want to utilize his talents and his popularity.

However, Corpse Husband has mentioned in the past that he wasn't exactly a fan of his scary stories. The YouTuber said that it can be a bit weird to make videos that require him to listen to sound bits of things like children screaming, especially when he'd work alone and in the dark, early morning hours. However, with the decline of "Among Us" and therefore related YouTube videos, he may look back at his old content for inspiration for future videos.