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Pokimane Lays Down The Law For 'Obsessive' Viewer

There have been plenty of hardships that Twitch streamers have had to deal with that they didn't deserve, and Pokimane is no exception. As one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, she's shown off the insane amount of people she's had to ban. In the past, she's also called out creepy viewers and read some of the most toxic messages she's ever received in an effort to get people to realize just how bad messages can sound. Now, Pokimane brought attention to another viewer on-stream because of "obsessive" behavior that simply needed to stop.


At the beginning of Pokimane's November 18 stream, she was forced to confront a viewer that wouldn't stop spamming in chat. According to her, the viewer made multiple accounts to consistently ask questions about Pokimane's relationships and interactions with other streamers despite being banned.

Pokimane explained that the constant questions about her friendships were "obsessive" and "weird" and that it felt like the viewer was trying to "micromanage" and "psychoanalyze" Pokimane's social life. In the midst of everything, Pokimane had several requests for other viewers on her channel.

Pokimane asks fans to help keep other viewers in line

While she explained the situation with her "obsessive" viewer, Pokimane also asked fans to tell anyone they see repeating weird questions or showing obsessive behaviors to stop. She also requested that anyone who has ever asked questions about her relationships with others, including the viewer on blast, to "just stop." Pokimane didn't just leave things at that — she explained her motivations and why viewers might not know the full story in any situation.


"I live my life privately," she said, also explaining that fans have "no visibility" to things that happen off-stream or out of the public's eye in general. According to Pokimane, "real friendships are built offline," and fans just don't get to see that side of her life so they can't comment on it. She also pointed out that she likes to deal with things and reach out in support to friends privately instead of on the internet.

This wasn't the first time that fans have crossed the line when it comes to obsessing over Twitch streamers, and it sadly won't be the last. Unfortunately, overzealous fans — and trolls — can take things too far, like when Amouranth's home was the victim of an arson attempt back in August. Hopefully, Pokimane's viewers heed her call and help her keep misbehavior in line.