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Disguised Toast Finally Reveals His New Streaming Platform

Back in 2019, Disguised Toast shocked fans when he decided to leave Twitch and signed an exclusive streaming contract with Facebook Gaming. At the time, Toast was best known for his "Hearthstone" streams, but his star has only risen since then, going through a surprising physical transformation and collaborating with the likes of Offline TV and Corpse Husband. And now, Disguised Toast has made yet another leap to a new platform. 


Just a few days ago, Disguised Toast revealed that his two-year contract with Facebook Gaming was coming to an end. He explained to record-breaking Twitch streamer Kkaterina that he had been low-balled by Twitch in the past, which had necessitated his original move to Facebook. This left fans wondering where Toast would take his brand next, with a number of viewers encouraging him to give Twitch another go.

Well, it seems that either the fans got through to him, or else Disguised Toast already had more of a plan in place than he'd let on. The streamer announced the next era of his streaming career earlier today.

Disguised Toast's platform reveal video

In a cheeky clip posted to Disguised Toast's Twitter account, the streamer informed his fans that his new platform will be... his old platform. That's right; Disguised Toast is returning to Twitch. 

The announcement video parodied a gender reveal, opening with Toast lugging a large gym bag into frame — a bag bearing Twitch's unmistakable logo and purple color scheme. "I'm really excited," Toast explained. "You know, this place — I always felt at home at ... It just made a lot of sense, you know, to be here." 


With that, Toast opened up the duffle bag and removed a red cake from within. While the red icing might imply a move to YouTube, cutting into the cake revealed a purple interior, officially signaling Disguised Toast's return to the purple-branded streaming platform.

Fans in the replies were pretty pleased by the announcement and the bizarre video that accompanied it. Disguised Toast's friend and frequent collaborator Valkyrae congratulated him on his new contract, and Toast quipped in return that she should consider switching from YouTube to Twitch. Meanwhile, Twitch's official Twitter account clowned on Toast's announcement video, pointing out that cakes aren't normally kept inside of duffle bags.


This move certainly comes as a surprise, especially considering Disguised Toast's recent comments regarding his original offers from Twitch. Presumably, the two parties have come to an understanding with this new contract.