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Dr Disrespect Reveals New Details Of His Own Battle Royale

It wasn't that long ago when Dr Disrespect first teased his plans to create a battle royale game. Shortly after, the Doc turned heads as he started recruiting talent for his own game studio, with all signs pointing to the idea that he was starting work on the battle royale game he had just teased. Fans have received very few updates until just a few days ago, when Dr Disrespect finally revealed some interesting details concerning the progress of his upcoming game.


During a stream on November 27, Dr Disrespect talked a bit more about his studio and some of the conversations his team has had during development, comparing what he wants from his game to two major hitters. The Two-Time Champion praised the world of "Battlefield 2042," saying that, on the surface, it looked like a great map to fight in. However, he felt that certain mechanics — like the ability to running around the building at superhuman speeds — take away from the immersive feeling of the game.

He explained, "I had this conversation internally, too, with the studio that we're building... The graphics and the buildings, and the scale of the buildings, and the scale of those maps [in 'Battlefield 2042'] ... they look good."


From there, Dr Disrespect turned to multiplayer shooter "Escape from Tarkov." According to him, "Escape from Tarkov" got player movement right, since it can take players quite a while to work their way through the game's massive mall map. While he didn't directly say that these two games were going to impact the development of his battle royale title, it seems there's a chance that the Doc might apply what he's learned from them when developing his own title.

What fans know about Dr Disrespect's battle royale game

Dr Disrespect has shared very few concrete details about what his battle royale game will look like, leading to a number of unanswered questions, but fans do know that it will feature a vertical map. When the Doc revealed the first peek at his battle royale game back in August, the file name associated with the game was labeled "Vertical BR," and the concept art showed off a fiery arena, which he suggested players might have to escape. This is likely where the "Escape from Tarkov" influences would be most notable, with survival and cooperation being a major part of gameplay.


Fans seemed to love his ideas, too. YouTuber Mark West-Scooby pointed out that Dr Disrespect has "interesting" and "well-thought-out" analyses when it comes to game design, something that will more than likely benefit him and his game studio as they move forward in production. Now that Dr Disrespect is telling fans about specific details in other games that have caught his eye, like map design and immersive mechanics, fans are starting to get a clearer picture of what the Doc wants out of his own title.