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The Bizarre Reason This Pro Wrestler Owns 2,706 Copies Of A Burger King Game

There are a lot of strange and obscure games that are easy to forget about. Sometimes they're tiny little indie games that most people never knew existed, and sometimes they're just a swing and a miss from a major game developer. Once in a while, weird little games stem from bizarre branding partnerships, such as KFC's inspired decision to create a dating sim called "I Love You, Colonel Sanders!" The colonel isn't the first fast-food mascot to be featured in his own video game, however. Back in 2006, Burger King released an Xbox 360 title developed by Blitz Games called "Sneak King" in which the player assumes the role of the crown bearing mascot and must sneak around levels designed to resemble Burger King's own commercials, delivering four different kinds of Burger King meals to hungry people. The game was sold in conjunction with the purchase of a value meal and according to the Crispen marketing firm (via High Beam Research) the game sold over 2.7 million copies, with other reports claiming even higher numbers. Fast forward to now, pro-wrestler and stunt-man Leroy Patterson recently made a post on Reddit announcing that he has managed to amass 2,706 copies of the strange game along with a picture featuring the thousands of Xbox 360 cases stacked in a neat pile.


Leroy Patterson wants to own every copy of Sneak King

Patterson has created a YouTube channel called "Sneak Kingz" documenting the acquisition of these games with the help of his friend and fellow wrestler Bobby Ramos. The only two videos in the series were both posted on July 15, making it hard to say when exactly they were filmed. The first video states that Patterson only had 165 copies of the game by the end, but apparently he got a big jump start on his collection when a private seller sold him 1,000 copies of the game, pushing his grand total to 1,166. According to his Reddit post, that number has more than doubled in the months since his last video. Patterson claimed in a comment on the thread that "I found 50 of them at a dollar store ... and then i saw them for a dollar at gamestop, and just started adding to the pile, then we created a youtube channel, and got even more serious about it!"


This naturally provoked many people's curiosity. In a blanket response to commenters asking why Patterson has amassed so many copies of the bizarre game, Patterson wrote, "If they are worth something someday, we are rich! If they are worth nothing, it's a funny story and journey! It had an unusual release through a fast food chain, [it's] a funny game, and it makes me laugh!" That seems as good a reason as any to start a collection, even one as strange as "Sneak King."