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The Real Reason Ludwig Bet Dr Disrespect $1 Million

A battle between two iconic streamers has been set, and the prize to take home is $1 million. Only...that's not really the case. As later clarified by YouTuber and challenge-issuer Ludwig, the $1 million wager on the line was an exaggeration, but his desire to squash his ongoing beef with YouTube juggernaut Dr. Disrespect is legit. After leaving Twitch for YouTube and growing increasingly tired of the constant roasting at the hands of Dr. Disrespect, Ludwig challenged his colleague to a 1v1 over Twitter. Ludwig aimed to settle their feud once and for all, determining who's the better player between himself and Dr. Disrespect.

While things couldn't be going worse for Ludwig during his transition, his challenge shows that he's not willing to become the butt-end of other personalities' jokes. While there is no real animosity between the two streamers, Ludwig isn't content with remaining an easy target. On Twitter, Ludwig said, "@DrDisrespect lets find out who's the better gamer this week. 1v1. luggage vs the doc. lets say.. $1 million on the line." Here's why Ludwig bet Dr. Disrespect $1 million and what happened next.

Why Are Ludwig And Dr. Disrespect Feuding?

After Ludwig left Twitch, he encountered praise from contemporaries like TimTheTatman and even found himself facing a YouTube ban, but his ongoing back-and-forth with Dr. Disrespect has prompted action. Since Ludwig jumped to YouTube, Dr. Disrespect has made a habit of intentionally mispronouncing Ludwig's name or making sly comments about his success, most recently saying, "How do you say his name? Lud-widge? He thought he was going to win streamer of the year. His name? Luggage... luggage?" (per Dexerto). However, after publicly issuing the challenge to Dr. Disrespect, Ludwig realized he may have made a mistake.

One of Dr. Disrespect's favorite games, "Call of Duty: Warzone," is set to receive a new battle royale map this week, and that'll likely eliminate any chance Ludwig has at getting some alone time with Dr. Disrespect. The challenge remains unanswered, but in the meantime, Ludwig did go into more detail about his colossal wager. Dexerto reported Ludwig said, "Saying $1m to the Doc means like $1k instead, by his metrics. And he won't even reply. Everybody relax!"

No one knows for sure when or if Ludwig and Dr. Disrespect will come head to head, but it can't be too far off. Even with "Call of Duty: Warzone" making their duel in the immediate future unlikely, both streamers are doubtful to pass up a viewer-driving opportunity like this. The only thing left is for the two to decide which game they'll use to test their skills.