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Why Fans Are Going Wild Over Corpse Husband's 'E-Girls' Post

Fans of Corpse Husband were thrown for a loop today when the streamer/musician took to social media to celebrate the latest milestone in his music career. Though the streamer has been reluctant to share many specific details of his social life, a recent post seems to indicate that may be changing.

Since its release in 2020, Corpse Husband's hit single "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" has only continued to gather steam, racking up millions of listens and even getting its own billboard in Times Square. Since then, his fans have excitedly tuned in for every new song premiere from the deep-voiced streamer, but "E-GIRLS" has seen a particularly huge response from audiences. On Dec. 8, Corpse Husband informed his fans that "E-GIRLS" had surpassed 200 million plays on Spotify, thanking everyone for all of their support. To show his appreciation, he also included a video clip of what appears to be his silhouette.

The infamously private streamer has previously only posted partial photos of his body, but never his face, so this is a pretty huge deal for people who have been following Corpse throughout his rise to fame. Even when he joined Anthony Padilla for an interview in early 2021, his face was obscured by an animated avatar. With this latest post, fans are over the moon to see that Corpse Husband has invited them just a bit closer.

The internet reacts to Corpse Husband's shadow

Following Corpse Husband's unexpected "silhouette reveal," fans and fellow streamers expressed their excitement and congratulated Corpse on the success of his song. Frequent collaborator Valkyrae — who once stood in for Corpse in a music video with Machine Gun Kelly — pointed out that Corpse's fans could finally see his "pretty curly hair." Corpse confirmed this fact, adding that his hair can be rather difficult to manage. Meanwhile, BrookeAB chimed in to reiterate how proud Corpse's friends were to see his song pass the 200 million mark.

While plenty of fans were preoccupied by Corpse's "glorious" hair, others were astounded to note that Corpse Husband appears to be rocking a dangling earring, at least judging from his shadow. While there is plenty of fan art out there of the faceless streamer, this post offered a unique opportunity for fans to learn just the tiniest bit more about Corpse Husband's real-life fashion sense. No word on whether or not Corpse was wearing his iconic face mask while he filmed the clip.

Corpse Husband has discussed the possibility of doing a full face reveal at some point in the future — possibly even making in-person con appearances to interact with fans — and some of his fans have remarked that this new post could hint that he's working his way up to it. One fan even did the leg work of assembling a hilarious image made out of the various bits Corpse Husband has posted over the years, essentially Frankenstein-ing together a rough idea of what the streamer kind of looks like in person. If that doesn't show that fans are beyond ready to see Corpse Husband in the flesh, then what does?