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Dr Disrespect Finally Reveals His Secret Game Studio

It's been months since Dr Disrespect began dropping hints regarding his plans to creation his own games studio. Back in August, the Doc teased his concept for a "vertical battle royale," which turn the oversaturated genre on his head. Shortly afterward, the superstar streamer announced job listings for a brand new AAA studio, created with the goal of enlisting "mega influencers" to bring his concepts to life. Now, Dr Disrespect has taken the next step and fully announced the formation of Midnight Society, an all new game studio aimed at putting players first.


The Midnight Society's official website claims that the studio wants to "embrace the 'Day Zero Community,'" allowing fans the chance to follow along with every step of a game's development. The site explains, "That could be testing reload times and recoil patterns in a firing range or jumping in for the first-ever PVP sessions. No more 'I hope this game will be good.' Be there when your voice can actually make an impact because we want to hear it. Really."

Fans who remember the Doc's earliest tease of his "vertical battle royale" may recognize some of the concept art on Midnight Society's website, which matches the images shown in that first peek. It's a good bet that this battle royale concept will be one of Midnight Society's first projects, but that's not the only aspect of this announcement that should be thrilling for fans.


Midnight Society is Dr Disrespect's dream come true

Midnight Society is packing some serious credentials. Aside from the Two Time Champion himself, who has a history of designing maps for such games as "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" and "Rogue Company," the company's roster includes talented developers who have worked on the "Halo" and "Call of Duty" franchises. For instance, Creative Director Quinn DelHoyo spent 8 years with 343 Industries and served a number of roles, including Lead Sandbox Designer and Lead Weapons Designer. Meanwhile, Midnight Society Studio Head Robert Bowling's career has seen him acting as a creative consultant and strategist for major companies such as EA and Respawn Entertainment. Basically, it sounds like the Doc's ambitious game designs are in good hands.


According to Dr Disrespect (per Dexerto), this announcement is the culmination of a lifelong dream. The streamer said, "As a long-time player, streamer, and former game developer myself, I've often dreamed of creating awesome titles that entire communities can get behind from day one. My vision is to make games that defy the one-and-done publishing model and reward all those fans and influencers who make them a success."

Midnight Society is currently calling for fans to join its dedicated Discord server to get in on the action. Meanwhile, the studio is also still accepting job applications, presumably so work can truly begin on the company's first big project.