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This Halo Infinite Save Glitch Is Making Fans Furious

"Halo Infinite" may have finally seen its long-awaited release and subsequent praise from critics, but it looks like a significant bug is still present despite the extra polish received during a year-long delay. Users on both ResetEra and the Halo Waypoint forums have reported an issue that can prevent a player from loading up their progress and can even eliminate a save file in its entirety (per VG247). This latest glitch comes just after 343 Industries responded to another in-game issue that demands the campaign be played online. Fans are furious about the latest glitch in "Halo Infinite," taking it upon themselves to investigate until 343 acknowledges the problem.

Players have been quick to detail their unsuccessful attempts to seek guidance from 343 Industries themselves. Twitter users specifically reported that the developer either hasn't responded to concerns or that 343 offered vague answers, using language like, "At this time, we don't have a workaround and can't predict when there might be a resolution." This only served to elevate frustrations. But what triggers this issue and what can players do to avoid accidentally corrupting their save files? 

How To Avoid Halo Infinite's Save Glitch

ResetEra user 99humanity provided an account of the issue, saying, "I loaded in a 3rd person view with Chief clipping through the floor. And then, back in the main menu, pressing Continue or Load Game will start the countdown timer and nothing happens. My save file now says 0% complete and I can't do anything," 99humanity went on to describe what seemed to cause the issue: a sign-in prompt from Xbox.

Those affected by the save file issue almost unanimously reported being prompted to sign-in to Xbox before realizing they may have just created even worse problems for themselves. 99humanity explained that the double sign-in is the finishing blow that players should avoid above all else. 99humanity says, "At some point during this, I got the Xbox sign-in pop up and I pressed 'Let's Go' to log in. DO NOT DO THIS...Apparently the sign-in can pop up if you're already logged in and it corrupts the save."

The ResetEra poster even linked a YouTube video posted by user Dustin K that replicated the glitch to identify its cause. The root of the issue comes from the game trying to launch two instances of the same account into the campaign. Players will see the dreaded sign-in prompt if new inputs (like controllers) are detected or the game runs on multiple platforms using the same account. For now, all players can do is try to avoid the issue and hope 343's fix comes soon.