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Why TimTheTatman And Ludwig Fans Are Furious With Twitch

Twitch has had a rough year, and the shady side of the company keeps coming out in full force. With a bunch of streamers saying sayonara to the platform — like Ludwig, TimTheTatman, and DrLupo – YouTube Gaming has never looked better. As if people weren't already annoyed with Twitch, the streaming service decided to cut out some of its biggest talent from its 2021 recaps: the people who left Twitch.

Twitch recaps showed off a variety of statistics to users, like what games and streamers they watched the most through the year with sometimes terrifyingly high hours. When it came to users' popular streamers, people were outraged to see names like Ludwig and TimTheTatman missing.

Twitter saw a lot of the anger, and Esports Talk host Hunter noted that multiple Twitch workers themselves commented on the situation. The Head of Twitch Community Production, Twitter user djWHEAT, said "that['s] yikers" in response to DrLupo tweeting about the situation. Another user mentioned that it was "a slap in the face" because of all that TimTheTatman, Ludwig, and DrLupo did for the platform — including things like massive charity streams from DrLupo, and Ludwig's impressive sub-a-thon that broke plenty of records. Ludwig and DrLupo even commented on the situation, continuing the conversation with fans online. 

Ludwig understands Twitch's decision

On Dec. 15, Ludwig brought up his removal from the Twitch recap. He called it a "bummer" and mentioned that he kind of gets it. "I think they're just like, 'yo, why would we promote that you watched this creator when we could just lie and then promote these creators you watched outside of it?'" Ludwig said. "It doesn't make all that much sense, but go off, king. Enjoy yourself." 

DrLupo tweeted his thoughts on the matter, noting that Twitch removed him from its year-end recap. One user replied with a gif that just said "If ya petty and ya know it." This was a pretty popular take, and many people spotted something wrong when their top categories didn't line up with their most-watched streamers. Ludwig also talked about this, sharing a tweet from someone else who had "Pokemon Platinum" at the top of their categories, which tipped them off that Ludwig was missing from their streamer list.

While some people were more understanding of Twitch's decision, many were still mad for other reasons. The only way to even receive the recap was to opt-in to marketing emails, which could only be done on desktop, and people were furious with the weird requirements.