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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League - What We Know So Far

Superman's home city of Metropolis is in shambles. Hoards of monsters roam the streets and there's panic and chaos all around. Brainiac has a massive, multi-tentacled ship in the middle of the city, and worst of all – the Justice League is on his side. Who is left for the people of the DC universe to call upon to save them when Supes and all the other League members go rogue? The answer: Task Force X, also known as the Suicide Squad.


Rocksteady Studios, the developer responsible for the "Batman: Arkham" games, has brought that very premise to the studio's upcoming title, "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League." This new game changes everything by turning the established "Arkhamverse" on its head. In "Kill the Justice League," players will control the titular Squad as they attempt to assassinate the Braniac-corrupted members of the Justice League in order to save the city. The game was announced to the excitement of comic book fans everywhere during 2020's DC FanDome livestream, but a lot of new information has come out since then. 

What is the release date for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

The first things fans want to know is when "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" is coming out. Unfortunately, it's still a little unclear exactly how long it will be. Even though the game was announced all the way back in 2020, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios still haven't settled on a hard date as of yet. However, according to the most recent trailer for the game, it will come out at some point in 2022.


The future release date also puts this game squarely in next-gen territory, however. The official website states that the game will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, with no mention of the PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Thanks to production shortages, many fans are still trying to get their hands on consoles. Hopefully the wait for "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" means that a larger pool of fans will be able to snag consoles and pick up the game when it finally arrives.

Is there a trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

Rocksteady Studios has released a few different trailers for the game, which give fans a taste of the chaos to come. The first is titled "Alpha Target," and while it doesn't show any gameplay, it does a great job establishing the setting for the game. In "Alpha Target," viewers can see Metropolis under an invasion, with Brainiac's massive, skull-shaped ship looming over the city and monsters attacking below. Meanwhile, Task Force X members Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Boomerang and Shark are hanging out on a rooftop, doing their best to avoid responsibility. Amanda Waller then forces them into action (to the beat of a cool Outkast song), only for team to be confronted by a murderous Superman.


The second trailer, released in October 2021, is titled "Ticking." This clip focuses on introducing the characters (along with a few hidden references) through a montage of action sequences. Waller explains the team's mission and threatens to blow up the explosives implanted in their heads if they don't comply.

The third is called "Flash and Burn," and it's the first time viewers were given a look actual gameplay. This trailer focuses on the team's attempt to eliminate the Flash, showcasing Killer Shark beating down a large monster, Deadshot zipping around on a jetpack, Captain Boomerang teleporting around the map, and Harley engaging in some explosive gymnastics.

What characters will appear in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

Many fans have wondered if more members of the Suicide Squad will be playable in the actual game. Characters such as El Diablo, Polka-Dot Man and Peacemaker have all garnered a fair amount of attention in the wake of the recent "Suicide Squad" films, but all of the information released so far seems to indicate that Rocksteady Studios has chosen to keep its focus on the small group of King Shark, Harley, Deadshot and Boomerang for now. 


But just because gamers can't play them, doesn't mean there won't be other supervillains in the city. The Penguin appears toward the end of one of the trailers being zapped with one of Waller's implants, and while Poison Ivy isn't directly visible, Task Force X can be seen getting grabbed by some familiar-looking vines.

Of course, the heroes are the real villains in this game. Several key members of the Justice League will be present. Superman made a dramatic appearance in the first trailer, while the Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman can all be spotted in "Ticking." Batman isn't seen in person, but some type of Batmobile appears in one of the trailers. Only time will tell who else will be making an appearance — and whether they'll be friend or foe.