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TimTheTatman Makes A Bold Claim About Jake Paul's Boxing Career

When it comes to problematic internet celebrities, Jake Paul is pretty high on the list — there are a lot of other celebs that can't stand him due to his many controversies. However, since he acquired an interest in the boxing ring in 2018, he's gained one surprising fan: TimTheTatman. In a stream on Dec. 20, Tim mentioned that Jake's boxing career created a lot of boxing fans and brought attention to the sport.


After Jake Paul's rematch against Tyron Woodley, TimTheTatman shared his thoughts about why people need to respect Jake, saying, "Love or hate Jake Paul ... I have never paid attention to boxing more in my life than since Jake has been doing this thing."

He went on to explain that, as someone who never cared about boxing before, he's actually invested in watching Jake's boxing journey — he's even spent money on the pay-per-view to watch the matches, which is something he pointed out that he wouldn't normally do.

Tim said that "this dude is selling stadiums out and he's selling pay per view," and that "Jake Paul is getting eyeballs and people interested in boxing ... that is something you can't deny." He pointed out that this is generally good for the boxing scene, although some hardcore fans might not agree.


Not everyone loves Jake Paul's time in the ring

In the past, Dr Disrespect threw shade on Jake Paul's boxing career, saying that he was already losing interest in Jake's career despite the fact that he'd only been boxing for a few years. Plenty of Tim's fans weren't exactly thrilled with Jake Paul's win either, arguing that the fight was clearly rigged.


However, Tim didn't agree. He explained that if Woodley was going to sell out, then he wouldn't have agreed to get knocked out cold like he was. He also mentioned multiple times that Jake packs a pretty solid punch.

TimTheTatman did point out that he doesn't think Jake Paul's on the same level as Muhammed Ali or Mike Tyson. However, while Tim has said in the past that he thinks people only watch his own streams because he's not that great at video games, the streamer seemed to think that people are watching Jake because he's doing better than they thought he would. In fact, Tim's been praising Jake since April, when he took to Twitter to say that Jake's "shocking the world."