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Halo Infinite's Super Punch Explained

Critics love "Halo Infinite," but it's not without its quirks. Amidst glitches eating saves or bugs spawning infinite signs, there are still rumblings about the infamous Super Punch. 

"Halo Infinite" players testing out the title's technical preview in September 2021 came across something interesting: They found that they could turn their multiplayer character into a melee powerhouse of death with the right combination of button inputs and timing. Referring to the technique as "BXB" or the "Super Punch," this move allowed players to almost instantly kill their opponent using a melee attack. While the exploit may have surprised newcomers to the series, longtime "Halo" fans will remember the BXB dating back to "Halo 2." Now that "Halo Infinite" has finally been released, the BXB glitch has been removed from the game — but some players have called for its return.


In fact, some players initially thought the BXB's inclusion was an intentional callback to the series' past, until they were corrected by 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrad. Responding to a player's post asking for a BXB fix, Jarrad said, "Can confirm this issue has already been resolved in internal builds," confirming that 343 Industries had no intentions of letting the glitch ship with the final version of the game. 

While that may have been good news for some, other players maintain that BXB is a legitimate technique that requires skill to perform. Despite the community's split opinions on BXB, it doesn't look like it'll be returning to "Halo Infinite." That said, here's everything players need to know about the iconic "Halo" BXB combo, a.k.a. Super Punch.


What Is The Super Punch/BXB?

The Super Punch, or BXB as some players know it, appeared in "Halo 2" as a well-known glitch but transcended to become a recognized and beloved gameplay element among fans. The BXB works through ending reload animations before they complete, allowing players to perform specific actions much faster than they should. The standard BXB or Super Punch allows players to melee opponents with lightning speed after canceling out of a gun's reload animation. When timed correctly, BXB could even take other players down faster than they could shoot. It was a powerful technique that allowed any capable player to rule whatever multiplayer map they found themselves in.


Alongside the BXB, players may also fondly remember the BXR combo. Using the same principles, this exploit allowed players to melee, cancel their reload animation and immediately get off a shot with the Battle Rifle. With correct timing and a little aim, "Halo 2" players found they could quickly decimate others if they landed a BXR headshot. While the BXR hasn't reared its head in "Halo Infinite," players are still torn over whether the BXB should've stayed in the new game as an official feature.

Why Do Some Players Love BXB?

The Super Punch has an interesting relationship with the "Halo" community. Though the technique was widely-adopted and used in "Halo 2" and other titles it appeared in, Bungie never reprimanded players directly for using the glitch. Instead, Bungie relied on its in-game system for reporting cheaters. While some have contended this was a cheeky sign of Bungie's indifference or approval towards BXB, it's important to remember these titles released before games were easily patched and fixed through the internet.


In 343 Industries' case, however, it looks like the developer doesn't plan to leave a potentially game-breaking exploit in its title. Despite a portion of "Halo" players making the case that BXB requires skill to use successfully, the "Halo Infinite" BXB combo proved to be much easier to pull off than previous appearances. Before, timing played a huge role in a Super Punch's success, with melee damage not landing if players entered their inputs too quickly. In "Halo Infinite," the same actions offered plenty of wiggle room for those slightly off on their timing. Not only that, but even with the new additions to "Halo Infinite" multiplayer, like Overshields, BXB proved it could quickly outclass any other medium- to close-range option.


Players enjoying "Halo Infinite" in early access got a chance to see the return of a legendary "Halo 2" bug. Hopefully they enjoyed it, because its proven itself too powerful to move to the full game.