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Why Jill's Sandwiches Means More Than You Think In Dead Rising

With Microsoft seemingly always adding to the impressive list of compatible older games on current Xbox consoles, players are in a prime position to experience some classics. Among favorites like early entries in the now-returned "Halo" franchise and "Gears of War," there are tons of less iconic gems that once helped steer Xbox consoles towards the future. While inevitably charting a course to other platforms, Capcom's "Dead Rising" was once a star in Xbox 360 owner's library. The zombie-filled escapades of photographer Frank West have plenty of merit on their own, but the title may live in on history for a reference built into its game world.


Players exploring the infested mall in "Dead Rising" could pass by an homage to one of the most infamous lines in video game history and never even realize it. Tucked away in Capcom's action-packed undead romp are several references to other titles under the publisher's umbrella, but only one has a history tied to the early days of video game voice work. There's a restaurant that can be found in the original "Dead Rising" called Jill's Sandwiches, and it means more than many players may initially think.

What Is Jill's Sandwiches in Dead Rising?

Early on in "Dead Rising," after players make it to the Paradise Plaza section of the Willamette Parkview Mall, they may happen across some "Resident Evil" history. The cozy eatery Jill's Sandwiches can be found in the area, and it's chock-full of references to a particular set of infamous lines from Capcom's original "Resident Evil" game. Even the restaurant's name is a jab at perhaps the most famous voiced line in video game history.


The name "Jill's Sandwiches" on its own may seem unassuming, but to eagle-eyed "Resident Evil" fans, it's a clear callback to an interaction between Jill Valentine and Barry Burton. Taking things even further, the in-game restaurant even has its slogan printed on signage in and around the establishment, proclaiming, "One taste of Jill's Original BIG Sandwich, and you'll know why they call her the master of sandwich making." All these sandwich-related jokes may land for fans familiar with "Resident Evil" dialogue, but for those left scratching their heads, here's their significance.

What Significance Does Jill's Sandwiches Have?

The Jill's Sandwich shop in "Dead Rising" is a rather blatant reference to an iconic segment in the original "Resident Evil" where Jill Valentine is almost crushed. In the 1996 title, after entering a room, Jill is aghast to find the door lock behind her and the ceiling begins to descend. Calling on her companion for aid, Barry Burton kicks in the door, providing an escape for Jill before uttering the forever-immortalized words: "That was too close! You were almost a Jill Sandwich." In regards to the restaurant's slogan, "master of sandwich making," that's also another famously bad Barry line. Early on, when Barry sets Jill off to explore the Spencer mansion, he offers her a lockpick and calls his partner "the master of unlocking."


While the dialogue from Capcom's first "Resident Evil" proved itself to be so bad it earned itself recognition, fans now look back on the voice lines through a lens crafted from humor and nostalgia. "Dead Rising" may have included its references to the most infamous lines in "Resident Evil" as a cheeky easter egg, but in the process it helped memorialize a piece of video game history.