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This All-Star Stream Set A New World Record

A world record doesn't count until Guinness World Records says it does, right? US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) reportedly set a new record during her first stream ever back in 2020, and "Guinness World Records 2021" confirmed that the politician and her all-star stream members had the most viewers for a debut stream.


On October 20, 2020, AOC streamed "Among Us" with fellow Representative Ilhan Omar and streamers Pokimane, DrLupo, HasanAbi, and Jacksepticeye. The stream pulled in a confirmed number of 439,000 concurrent viewers according to "Guinness World Records 2021." A picture of the page popped up on the official subreddit for HasanAbi since he was part of the record-breaking stream.

Despite the crazy level of success she saw on her first Twitch stream, AOC only streamed a few more times on her own channel. In fact, she hasn't streamed for her nearly one million followers at all in 2021. She did tease the next game she wanted to stream earlier this year, though, which was "League of Legends." However, she never showed off her skills.


It was still exciting to see that her stream's success was recognized and immortalized in "Guinness World Records 2021." People had plenty to say about another part of the page regarding AOC.

AOCs League of Legends skills

In the "Guinness World Records 2021" entry for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's debut stream, her "League of Legends" career was mentioned. According to this, AOC's top-earned rank was Silver 3 in June 2020.


People on the subreddit had a lot to say about her time playing the MOBA, including some questions about how she had time to grind out ranked games in the midst of her time as a Representative in Congress. One user mentioned that the Representative is a better "League of Legends" player than they are, and official breakdowns of players by rank show that she's better than roughly 30% of "League" players.

Vini734 speculated that AOC deals with the sometimes-toxic world of "League" well, noting that "after passing hours listening to Mitch McConnel ['League'] must feel wholesome."

The politician may be a bit too busy to tend her streaming channel, as it looks like she's taking a break from Twitch. With the success of her channel and her follower count, she could make a return to the platform once her life calms down a bit, or the House of Representatives has a session break that's not related to the various end-of-the-year holidays.