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Valkyrae Confirms What We All Suspected About Corpse Husband's Greatest Fear

Many streamers and content creators have become bona fide internet celebrities — like Valkyrae who went from GameStop to being the queen of gaming — and those people generally get no privacy. However, a number of online personalities have attempted to hide their identity behind computer screens or even physical masks, despite broadcasting themselves to thousands (if not millions) of people. The most famous of these faceless streamers is undoubtedly Corpse Husband, the YouTuber and musician who took the world by storm in the last two years.

Despite never showing his face on camera, Corpse Husband has made quite a few close friends through his streaming. One of these close friends is Valkyrae, one of the few streamers with whom Corpse has felt comfortable hanging out in real life. He trusts her with his identity so much that she even starred as Corpse in the music video for "DAYWALKER!," his collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly that was released just several months after his own viral hit "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life."

In fact, the two are so close that Valkyrae has learned a bit more about Corpse's deep-seated fears and the reasons why he chooses to remain anonymous. While Corpse has never been shy about talking about his problems with viewers, Valkyrae has taken a few opportunities to confirm some things that fans have suspected over the years. Fans may not be surprised to learn that Corpse wants to keep his personal life as private as possible, but they may not realize just how much this desire weighs on him.

Corpse Husband is scared of people learning his identity

Fans of Corpse Husband have probably heard him vent about his greatest fear on multiple occasions. Possibly more than anything else, he's afraid of people finding out who he is in real life. As an extension of this fear, he mentioned during an Instagram Q&A from February 2021 that he understands his identity will more than likely be leaked at some point — without his consent.

In a half-joking tone, Corpse has previously explained on stream that he's afraid that someone could narrow his address down and use his doorbell while he's streaming to confirm where he lives. "That scares me, " the streamer admitted. "What if someone yells my name in real life from, like, outside my window... Or like, someone walks by and yells their address?" From there, it would be easy to figure out his identity. Valkyrae, who was streaming with Corpse when he mentioned this scenario, responded with, "it's possible." 

Of course, this may sound like a bit of an over-exaggerated scenario, but Corpse Husband isn't the only streamer to voice their concerns about viewers taking their fandom too far. In fact, Valkyrae went private on Twitter for a while in 2021 because she was being stalked by an obsessive fan. Given how beloved Corpse Husband is by his subscribers, as well as how some overzealous fans have acted towards his friends, it's a pretty solid fear. In a later stream, Valkyrae elaborated a bit more on why Corpse Husband is afraid of people finding out who he really is.

Valkyrae expanded on Corpse Husband's biggest fear

Shortly after the premiere of Valkyrae was filming "DAYWALKER!," she explained that Corpse Husband experiences intense "anxiety and fear" when it comes to the very idea of being in public, which led to her stepping in to play him in the music video. According to Valkyrae, this social anxiety even affects Corpse Husband's ability to communicate with doctors on the phone and use his phone in general. Considering the tragic health issues that Corpse Husband deals with in his personal life, this is an especially difficult thing for the streamer to overcome.

"I can't imagine being in his position," Valkyrae said, describing Corpse's anxiety as "a whole other level" from what anyone could imagine. Valkyrae also explained that most people will never be able to relate to Corpse's anxiety, sheerly because of how bad it is, and that people need to "respect his privacy." 

Of course, these admissions of fear and anxiety may not come as a surprise to some — after all, Corpse Husband literally has a song called "agoraphobic" — but it definitely paints a clearer picture of why he's so adamant about keeping his identity a secret. It doesn't matter whether or not a face reveal could open some doors for Corpse Husband; it seems he's just not ready for it.