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The Real Reason Valkyrae Went Private On Twitter

Scores of gamers use Twitter to stay on top of video game and streamer developments. Sometimes a subject starts trending because of an hilarious skit, or perhaps a post could hint at future game updates. In a world where information is shared 24/7, it's downright uncomfortable when a Twitter channel maintains radio silence, either because it was suspended (as in xQc's case) or because it voluntarily clammed up. Although, when a Twitter user chooses to go silent, they usually have a good reason. Just ask Valkyrae.


Recently, Valkyrae's actions have worried her subscribers. She cut her streams short, seemingly as a reaction to negativity in her streaming chat, and now her Twitter account has been switched to private. Something was up, but nobody knew what until today. One of Valkyrae's latest updates on her Twitter account (via Reddit) provided a worrying message: She's the victim of a stalker. According to the post, the person in question has "made hundreds of accounts for months." Valkyrae did not elaborate on the stalker's behavior, but whatever they did, it made Valkyrae so uncomfortable that she has shuttered her Twitter account until the stalker disappears.

Apparently, Valkyrae has yet to fully rid herself of the stalker because Twitter only blocks existing accounts, not IP addresses or devices. Therefore, the company cannot prevent the stalker from creating a new account to follow and interact with Valkyrae. In Valkyrae's post, she expressed her wish that Twitter had a super block option that let her barricade one account and all subsequent accounts created on the same device, but that's just a pipe dream for now. On the bright side, though, if Valkyrae wants to pursue legal action against the stalker (or has started to), she can work with police or lawyers to obtain the stalker's account information as per Twitter's security policies.


For all the damage the stalker has done, Valkyrae still retains a loyal and supportive fanbase. Many of her followers have wished her luck dealing with the stalker, while others have reminded her that she's not alone. Valkyrae is far from the first streamer to deal with stalkers. Sweet Anita, Xchocobars, and Corpse Husband have been the target of creepy followers and emerged on top.

With any luck, Valkyrae and Twitter can nip the stalker situation in the bud before it grows out of control. While Valkyrae made her posts private for her own safety, she is a professional streamer and relies on her Twitter to grow her fanbase. Although Valkyrae is in no danger of going broke anytime soon, the longer this takes, the more it could damage both her livelihood and personal sense of security.