The Real Reason xQc Was Sent To 'Streamer Therapy'

xQc recently revealed that Twitch sometimes enforces "streamer therapy" for content creators that receive bans from the platform. More specifically, Twitch forced him to participate in the "therapy" after his second ban. He wasn't allowed back on Twitch until he agreed to at least one session. 


The French-Canadian streamer brought up the so-called therapy after he came across a Twitter conversation with Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham, Head of Twitch Community Productions. The Twitch head answered a question from streamer Cohh Carnage about restreaming shows on stream, which he said was "totally not okay." While reading the conversation, xQc explained his relationship with djWHEAT and how he met him through "streamer therapy."

"This guy is pretty cool though chat," xQc told viewers. "Back in the days when I got banned, Twitch said that part of me being unbanned, I had to go to like a streamer therapy type of thing. So I had to agree to one session, or a couple sessions, of streamer reform therapy, and this was my therapist." He detailed some of the therapy process, which seemed like more of a casual discussion rather than a formal meeting. "He was nice though," xQc said of djWHEAT. "It was like a thing where he was like 'oh, you understand why you were banned' and 'oh, okay, why was that bad,' like a discussion." 


That's not where the story ends, though. Some viewers wondered what landed xQc in streamer therapy in the first place. 

Why xQc was in streamer therapy

xQc didn't exactly remember what he was banned for at the time. However, he suspected it was for the time he showed "gorilla booty" on stream. He explained on Twitter that he accidentally opened a video of two gorillas mating. He received a ban even though he immediately closed the window. Still, it wasn't a huge loss considering the ban only lasted for 24 hours. 


It's unclear if Twitch requires "therapy sessions" for repeated bans, specific kinds of bans, or some other criteria. xQc could only give insight on his particular experience. He received five Twitch bans over the course of his streaming career in total, but he only mentioned streaming therapy for his second ban. It's unclear whether or not Twitch required him to go to "streamer therapy" for all the other times he was banned. 

xQc also received many bans from other places, like servers and competitions, in the past. He didn't reveal the latest reason he was banned back in August because he didn't want to feed the news cycle with clickbait.