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The Best Ways To Use Master Chief's Grappleshot In Halo Infinite

"Halo Infinite" has brought a lot to the table for fans of the series. Through its multiplayer that's been reworked from previous entries to recapture a more classic feel or the thrill of open-world adventure enticing players for the first time, "Halo Infinite" is loaded with new features just begging to be explored. Among the many other additions seen in "Halo Infinite," players will find themselves exploring a new arsenal of weaponry and gadgets. Among these, a single item stands above the rest.


The Grappleshot is new to the franchise with "Halo Infinite," and the tool is worth its weight in gold — and then some! Like Batman's grapple gun or Spider-Man's webs, players can shoot out a tether and pull themselves towards the target. Aside from permitting all sorts of superhero fantasies, the Grappleshot allows for several distinct advantages, proving invaluable in the Campaign and for players facing off against others in multiplayer. Here are the best ways for players to use Master Chief's Grappleshot in "Halo Infinite."

Zip Around The Battlefield

While the Grappleshot is capable of a few unique features, players shouldn't overlook its most basic use as a movement tool (per Mint Blitz). In just about any scenario, the Grappleshot can be used to help players reposition, gain higher ground or even just simply speed up the process of getting from point A to point B. Of course, every fight in the Campaign won't call for cat-like reflexes, but if a player finds themselves outnumbered and overwhelmed, they'll be glad to have to ability to zip out of danger.


On the multiplayer side of "Halo Infinite," the Grappleshot offers players the ability and speed they need to close the distance on foes. There's nothing quite like seeing another player think they've escaped before swinging around a corner and ruining their day. As an added bonus, players can also use the gadget to beat others to any spawning weapon drops before wreaking havoc with their devastating new toy.

Hijack A Vehicle

Vehicles can turn the tide of a battle rather quickly. Both in the Campaign and in multiplayer matches, a crewed Warthog (per Zubriel) or a skilled Banshee pilot has the potential to deal massive damage and then jet away before enemies can retaliate. In previous "Halo" games, there wouldn't be much other players could do aside from hiding and hoping for a weapon capable of disabling the vehicle — for AI foes, it was hopeless. With the Grappleshot in "Halo Infinite," vehicles will want to think twice before trying to ambush players.


Players can actually use the Grappleshot to sling themselves onto the back of a vehicle (per SiteOfficial), where they can then hijack it. Is the enemy team holding down your squad with air superiority? Grab a Grappleshot and harpoon that WASP. If the hijacking is successful, you'll pull the previous pilot out, send them plummeting to their doom and find yourself the new owner of a luxury aircraft.

Reel 'Em In And Melee

While there's no ignoring the advantages of how the Grappleshot can be used to move players or Master Chief around, the gadget can also be used pretty successfully as a fishing rod. Like Scorpion in "Mortal Kombat," players can use their Grappleshot to close the distance between themselves and enemies. An important note here is that players will reel themselves into their foes, unlike Scorpion. While the equipment can be similarly used in the Campaign to pull in explosive power cells that players could then throw like impromptu grenades, there's still a lot of merit in using the Grappleshot to hurl oneself at enemies.


This trick works a lot like repositioning in a campaign setting, but players will be taking down a target at the end of their movement. It's also worth mentioning that players should choose their targets based on what they think they could eliminate in a single melee attack. Undamaged Brutes may not offer the best results. On the multiplayer side of things, there's no faster way to beat another player to the punch than by getting to them first with a Grappleshot.

Upgrade And Dominate The Campaign

The Grappleshot is the star piece of equipment for players anywhere they can use it in "Halo Infinite" but the gadget's true power is only revealed in the Campaign. During the course of the narrative, players can find Spartan Cores, a collectible item that allows for the upgrade of equipment and further elevates Master Chief's abilities. After spending a few Spartan Cores on the Grappleshot, players will find that the item becomes irreplaceable.


The best thing about the Grappleshot is that players immediately begin to receive noticeable upgrades after only beginning to upgrade the gadget. The first upgrade, Voltaic, adds a stun effect when enemies are grappled and the second upgrade, Quickshot, reduces the cooldown between uses by a whopping 40%. Things get even more interesting if players purchase the final two upgrades. First Strike adds a powerful shockwave (per Colossal Squid) to the tool when grappling and the final upgrade, Reachfall, makes the shockwave even deadlier.

Use The Grappleshot To Discover Secrets

"Halo Infinite" has no shortage of collectibles or easter eggs tucked away, some even roasting the developers, but they're not all easily accessible. Some of the best secrets are hidden away in out-of-reach areas far above where any player should be able to reach in a "Halo" game — that is, until now. The Grappleshot allows Master Chief to experience a level of verticality that's never been known to the franchise and 343 Industries is counting on players to utilize that newfound power to locate the best gems that "Halo Infinite" has to offer.


Whether a player is trying to find and collect the game-altering Skulls or track down that infamous cave sandwich (per Maka91Productions), they'll find that the Grappleshot lets them explore areas that appear inaccessible at first glance. Especially after earning the second upgrade, Quickshot, players will find that they're able to rapidly grapple up and to new locations before falling. The key to claiming every "Halo Infinite" secret is mastering the Grappleshot.