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Fans Agree On One Thing About Halo Infinite

"Halo Infinite" has already hurdled a couple of complaints from its player base, such as its first event that went off the rails and its battle pass grind problem. However, there's one more thing in particular that needs to be fixed in its popular free-to-play multiplayer mode: Big Team Battles. Players are finally fed up with suffering through the notoriously buggy mode in order to complete weekly challenges. While players can often disagree on the best loadouts or strategies, people seem united in their dislike of one important "Halo Infinite" mode.

Players' beef comes in the form of Big Team Battles, which pit two teams of 12 players against each other on large-scale maps. It wouldn't be that difficult to play if players could actually get in. Some have reported disconnecting in the middle of a match to just not being able to load BTB matches in general. Why do players need to complete these weekly challenges, you ask? Well, if they don't, that means they don't get to unlock Battle Pass tiers for coveted weekly rewards. Social media has been especially vocal about BTB challenges in the limited-time Fracture: Tenrai event pass. After all, it's difficult to earn limited-time bonuses and items when the mode has issues loading properly.

Right now, 343 Industries doesn't seem to have a solution for its BTB problem. Fans have their own suggestions, though. 

What fans want 343 Industries to do about BTB

Most fans seem to agree with removing BTB one way or another. One Redditor suggested implementing a "hotfix" to turn off all BTB challenges until the team can significantly improve the mode. Another suggested offering free challenge swaps so that players have more of a chance of eliminating BTB from their weekly challenges. 

343 Industries has been actively working on BTB matchmaking errors since launch without success. The developer tweeted about testing 10v10 teams instead of 12v12 as a possible solution back in mid-December. However, it seems like that didn't work out as teams are back to 12v12 without any further updates.

Critics initially sang praises for "Halo Infinite" gameplay, especially its creative combat options. However, many of them agreed that the campaign and graphics could've been improved in comparison to other recent releases. Most of the praise went to the multiplayer mode, which is still receiving content updates since its early release in late November 2021. Hopefully, BTB fixes make their way into one of the upcoming patches.