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The Real Reason Diamond Dust Is Falling In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

"Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" didn't have the best release when it arrived in late 2021. First, the games were leaked on Twitch, effectively spoiling them for everyone. Then, a glitch broke the game for many players, making it difficult to complete. To top things off, critics felt lukewarm about the remake, noting that it was fun, but didn't add anything substantial to the franchise. Fans are still finding great details in "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl," though, fueling their love for "Pokemon" with nostalgia. Some fans were treated to beautiful falling diamond dust in Snowpoint city, an Easter Egg from the original editions of the game.


Fans tweeted out their excitement on Jan. 12, admiring the beautiful weather event in-game. Joe Merrick, who runs one of the biggest "Pokemon" sites online, SerebiiNet, tweeted, "Today is January 12th and is one of the days you'll see Diamond Dust in Snowpoint City in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl. In addition to that, it's one of the days you get both an encounter and a hatch rate boost." Many gamers were surprised to hear that hatch and encounter rates were increased on Jan. 12, confused about what could be so special about the date as to make it lucky. Thankfully, the answer is simple; It's a heartwarming thank you from the original development team.

Happy birthday, Junichi Masuda

Players might remember the falling diamond dust from the original "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl," as it was included in the original version of the game. A quick glance at fans discussing the dust online reveals that the special event marks Junichi Masuda's birthday. Masuda was one of the original members of the "Pokemon" team and has directed and composed music for many titles in the series. Masuda composed the music for the original "Diamond and Pearl" in addition to directing the game and helping determine its plot.


Fans pointed out that falling diamond dust is a real meteorological phenomenon, which accounts for its inclusion in both the "Diamond" and "Pearl" editions of the game. Considering that the diamond dust occurs in Snowpoint City, a frost covered wonderland and home to the 7th Pokemon Gym of the game, many players might not even notice the gentle nod to the Masuda's birthday. However, that's not snow falling from the sky. It's pure diamond magic.

Masuda himself spent some time on Twitter thanking fans for showing their support and admiring the beautiful diamond dust, tweeting a heartfelt "thank you" to one fan who shared their well wishes.