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Tragic Details About Logan Paul

Logan Paul is one of the most well-known YouTubers on the planet, and not always for good reason. He's been at the center of many major controversies that have cost him quite a bit in his career, and his shady side has come out on full display throughout them all. Despite being incredibly disliked by a lot of the internet, Logan Paul has plenty of his own fans. His content receives millions of views and his name has recognition in many spaces within the world of content creators. After all, even people who hate Logan want to know what he's up to.


While his life may seem too good to be true to some, Paul has had his own share of rough moments that's led him to where he is today. In fact, all of these tragic things in his life happened while life was being broadcast for millions to see, which isn't exactly easy to deal with.

The death of Logan's beloved parrot, Maverick

In 2019, Logan Paul shared the sad news that his pet parrot, Maverick, had unexpectedly died. Parrots generally have quite a long life span, and Maverick died after Logan had him for seven years.

In an Instagram post, Logan explained that his dog accidentally caused Maverick's death while Logan was in Sweden. He called Maverick his "best friend" and explained that the lovable bird was the inspiration behind a lot of Logan's merch and that Maverick had been a part of his life since before Logan got his start on Vine, rising to fame alongside him. Even more tragic is the fact that his dog was the cause of Maverick's demise. While the situation seemed to be an accident, that doesn't make the reality any less sad.


Logan claimed that Maverick's legacy would live on. In tribute to his pet, Essentially Sports explained that Logan went on to call himself "The Maverick" in his boxing career to honor his lost friend. 

Logan's terrifying skydiving experience

Not too many people can say that they've experienced the thrill of skydiving, and it's not even something that's on everyone's bucket lists. Logan Paul decided to take the jump and feel the adrenaline that skydiving brings, but his trip soon turned into a nightmare


In a Twitter post in 2018, Logan explained that he had to cut his main parachute off of his bag because it failed to open on his plunge downwards. Luckily, there was a backup parachute meant for emergency use that Logan was able to deploy. In Logan's words, "the feeling of the blue reserve parachute opening and functioning properly was miraculous."

He also pointed out that the skydiving school never had an incident like this with any other student, making him both extremely unlucky and lucky that everything went smoothly with the backup parachute. Either way, the situation had to have been terrifying.

Logan's struggle with addiction

In early 2022, Logan Paul got honest about his marijuana addiction. On his podcast ImPaulsive, one of the cohosts, Mike, let the cat out of the bag by saying that Logan had quit "doing drugs." He went on to explain that Logan had been more angry than normal, and Logan agreed, saying, "Weed is a very powerful drug. I don't care who ... says it's not a drug, it's a ... drug, okay?" He went on to explain that he had struggled with marijuana, and things had ramped up at one point to where he was constantly high. He realized that this would inevitably become a problem in the future, and he decided that he had to quit.


Logan said that he had some pretty intense withdrawals and that they weren't over yet in the roughly two weeks since he quit. He had issues with his sleep, his appetite, and he even "developed a gag reflex" — all on top of the anger he was feeling.

Logan lost over $3 million to phony Pokemon

There have been a lot of expensive fakes in gaming history, but Logan Paul's Pokemon card mistake takes the cake. In December 2021, Logan Paul bought a sealed $3.5 million box of eleven first edition base set Pokemon cards. However, experts noticed something off about the box. Apparently, the entire buying process was a bit sketchy, and there wasn't a consistent story as to where the box came from.


This, paired with the fact that the labeling on the package seemed pretty suspicious, caused Logan to get the box authenticated. Things were initially looking good, as the tape appeared to be from the correct time, and the box itself didn't look tampered with. However, after the box was opened things went downhill quickly. The packs contained "G.I. Joe" cards, confirming what a lot of people suspected about the Pokemon cards: Logan Paul got duped.