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Pokemon Experts Noticed Something Off About Logan Paul's $3.5 Million Cards

While his brother Jake has been feuding with the likes of Dream on Twitter, controversial YouTuber and boxer Logan Paul has been stirring up some talk of his own. Along with infuriating countless gamers by building an art piece with Game Boy Colors, Paul has been dropping a staggering amount of cash on Pokemon trading cards. His most recent purchase of Pokemon cards apparently cost him around $3.5 million, with the expensive collection allegedly consisting of 11 first edition base set trading card boxes.


Logan Paul, who has an affinity for Pokemon cards, is no stranger to flexing his jealousy-inducing collection. He's even gone so far as to carry a rare holographic Charizard card around his neck like a chain before his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, the notorious internet personality's latest purchase has caught the eye of some Pokemon experts who seem to think something is really off with the $3.5 million treasure trove. In fact, Logan Paul may soon come to regret his multi-million dollar Pokemon card purchase. 

In a recent report from PokeBeach, Paul's expensive purchase faced a lot of scrutiny, specifically when it came to determining whether or not the box was actually worth as much as he paid for it. According to the site, Paul's newest acquisitions "may be fake."


Experts on Pokemon cards seem to think Logan Paul's $3.5 million box contains fake cards

As it turns out, Paul made the purchase on the eBay from a seller whose poor grammar and lack of buyer feedback raised some serious red flag. In addition, it was noted that the seller would not allow the winning bidder to inspect the package before purchase. PokeBeach also explained that the lot offered by the seller was actually worth closer to $2.6 million — roughly $900k less than what Paul paid, but extremely valuable nonetheless. Unfortunately, the authentication process behind the valuation of the cards is also being called in question, as the company that performed the authentication was deemed to be inexperienced (per Highsnobiety).


Popular Pokemon YouTuber Rattle seems to also think that Paul was fooled into spending a gargantuan amount of money on fake cards, pointing to the authentication process, the box's inconsistent origin story, and suspicious package labelling as proof of this.

In response to the suspicions surrounding his new cards, Logan Paul said on Twitter that he would be flying to Chicago over the weekend to bring the issue up with BBCE, the insurance company that authenticated the $3.5 million box.