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Logan Paul's $3.5 Million Pokemon Box Is Like No Other

Logan Paul has just dropped $3,500,000 to add a box set of first edition trading cards to his already-impressive Pokemon card collection. His announcement tweet included a picture of the delivery package, along with a brief clip in which he discussed the box with others in the room. As it turns out, this box is a bigger deal than you might first think.


The clip provides more context on the box set. What appeared to be one package in the original tweet actually contains 11 first edition base set trading card boxes. "This will probably never happen again," Paul said in the video. When Paul asked if the box set was the only one in the world, another person said offscreen that "until somebody shows another one, it's the only one." In other words, these are rare packages indeed.

Paul wondered aloud how many first edition Charizards could be in the full package. Charizard, a fan favorite fully-evolved Fire-type dragon, is one of the most valuable cards on the market, consistently selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions. Paul himself owns a mint condition first edition base set holographic Charizard, which he wore during a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather as a good luck charm. "I can hear them. They are trying to get out, bro," Paul said about the possible Charizards in the boxes.


This is not Paul's first pricey Pokemon card purchase, and it most likley won't be the last. But there's a reason fans are especially excited for this new purchase.

Logan Paul's history with Pokemon cards

In the past several months, Paul made the news for his ownership of a $150,000 PSA 10 first edition holographic Charizard and $2,000,000 unopened box of first edition booster packs. He even co-hosted an auction in which participants bid on unopened first edition Pokemon booster packs for thousands of dollars each, and then streamed as he opened these packs and pulled multiple holographic Pokemon cards in the process. 


Paul didn't start heavily investing in Pokemon collecting until last year, but has put millions of dollars into his card collection since then. As a result, Pokemon cards that typically cost hundreds of dollars skyrocketed to over thousands in value. The most expensive Pokemon cards ever sold include a holographic first edition base set Charizard, Pokemon trainer trophy cards from some of the first tournaments, and other limited-edition cards, so it makes sense that those who can afford the hobby would go all-in. Now fans can look forward to seeing what's inside of Paul's newest million-dollar boxes.