We Finally Know The Real Reason Behind NRG Thoom House's Collapse

Back in Aug. 2021, when a marketing campaign featuring posters of "missing streamers" Daequan and Hamlinz made its rounds, the two popular streamers had been inactive for quite some time. As fans later learned, both Daequan and Hamlinz took lengthy breaks from streaming to take care of their health. It was revealed a few days after the launch of the "missing streamers" posters that they were a promotion for NRG Thoom House, a new content house formed with the support of NRG Esports.


NRG Thoom House looked set up for success, complete with a decked-out multi-million dollar mansion serving as the new home and headquarters for Daequan, Hamlinz, and a number of other streamers contracted to the esports org. Daequan had first dreamed up the idea in 2016, though things really came together when he shared his vision with Hamlinz in 2018. As Daequan shared with his viewers in his Jan. 23, 2022 stream, "I wanted to do a lot more stuff than just sit in my room and play video games, and that's what the Thoom House was for me in terms of taking my content to the next level." But then, the newly-formed content house went quiet.

Daequan went on to explain how things took a turn, sharing that "everything falling apart was just so stressful, and I blame myself." So, what exactly went wrong with NRG Thoom House?


NRG Thoom House Technology Was Terrible

As Daequan explained, the internet service at Thoom House was the biggest deal-breaker. In his words, "I didn't really have good internet at all the whole time I was there."

Daequan explained that he was told "the internet's nuts" and that he was moving into "a smart house." He went on to share with his fans, "long story short, when we get there, it's not that. We did not have fiber at all." He described the set-up as consisting of "a bajillion wires" and "things I haven't seen in 15 years, like VCR-looking things ... it was like ancient relics." Daequan even tried to set up his PC with what he thought was an ethernet outlet, but it turned out to be a port for a house phone. He remarked, "I haven't seen one of these in like 10 years, bro! That was the first red flag to me."


On top of the internet issues, there were a bunch of other major technology issues, including broken appliances in Daequan's room: "In my room, the air conditioner didn't work, the heater didn't work for like four or five months." The streamer sees it all as an unfortunate scenario, but doesn't want to blame anyone. As he told viewers, "This isn't NRG's fault because they got lied to ... about the internet."

As for what's next, Daequan is back at his own house with solid internet and has assured his fans that he'll be streaming once again, explaining, "that's all I wanna do. I just wanna have fun." However, Daequan added that he's not sure if he's still contracted with NRG.