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Amouranth's Music Video Was Just The Beginning

As controversial as she is influential, Twitch streamer and model Amouranth has no problem keeping her name in the news in recent months. After months of fending off bans amid the infamous Twitch hot tub meta and making investments in both a gas station and a 7-Eleven, the 28-year-old influencer has shown no signs of slowing down. Amouranth has managed to stay in the minds of both her fans and her haters by continuing to explore unexpected projects, one of which being a bizarre rap song and music video by the name of "Down Bad."


Amouranth's self-labeled satirical foray into hip-hop has been polarizing, to say the absolute least. In terms of viewer reception, most of the top comments on the YouTube upload have been either negative or sarcastic, although some fans have enjoyed seeing her poke fun at herself and web culture. But "Down Bad" might not even be the end of it. For better or worse, it seems Amouranth's controversial video could only be the beginning of her music career.

Amouranth has teased a full-length hip-hop album being on the horizon

In a recent video during which she reacted to the more interesting and noteworthy comments left on the "Down Bad" music video, Amouranth suggested that the song could just be the first of many. As a matter of fact, a full-length hip-hop album could very well be in the works if her recent remarks are to be believed. However, there's a catch. 


"I will make an album," Amouranth said in response to a negative comment that cheekily suggested she make a full album. She followed that grand statement with the caveat that she'd only do it if "Down Bad" hit a certain milestone: "I will do that. If this rap video gets one million views, then I will make a second video. I'll start working on it immediately." Currently, "Down Bad" sits at just under 600k views as of Jan. 26.

Unlike her debut single, Amouranth promises that any future music releases will be on the more serious side and with better quality production. "And this time, I'll go all out with a big budget and work with professionals. And actually make it not a satire," the 28-year-old streamer said. "I'll actually make it good."


Of course, Amouranth has a habit of trolling her haters (and even her fans on occasion), so it's anyone's guess as to how genuine this announcement is. But should "Down Bad" hit 1 million views on YouTube, we'll see.