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Nobody Expected This Pokimane And JiDion Twist

Pokimane's 2022 didn't get off to the best start. In addition to a potential court battle on the horizon, she's been dragged into a controversy with fellow streamers JiDion and Ninja (yes, that Ninja). After JiDion sent his followers to hate raid Pokimane, he and Ninja discussed the raid, with Ninja even offering to call his Twitch rep to see if he could reverse JiDion's ban. After Pokimane discussed this conversation on a stream, Jessica Blevins — Ninja's wife and manager – threatened legal action against Pokimane for defamation of character, claiming that Ninja was only joking and did not actually contact his rep. JiDion quickly backtracked on the hate raid, apologizing and telling his followers to stop harassing Pokimane and her fans. It seems his change of heart inspired Pokimane to reach out as well, and in a wild twist, the two may be collaborating with each other soon.


JiDion tweeted out a picture of himself and Pokimane eating sandwiches together. He captioned the image, "Ask me and Poki questions," hinting at an upcoming Q&A collaboration between them. Pokimane responded, "It's bigger than black and white," referencing a meme within JiDion's fan community. Clearly, Pokimane and JiDion have met in real life and mended some burned bridges. Now, fans are wondering what they have in store for the future.

Fans wait for JiDion and Pokimane to say more

It seems that JiDion and Pokimane will be answering questions about their feud in a Q&A video. In an Instagram Live video (reuploaded to YouTube), JiDion said that "all your questions are gonna be answered in 3 to 5 weeks." He explained that he's "a chill" guy who doesn't "like beef," and that sitting down with Pokimane was a positive experience. He advised viewers that if they have a disagreement with others, there's always a chance to repair the relationship.


Pokimane has not further commented on the collaboration, but it seems clear that the pair have discussed their differences and come to an amicable conclusion. Ninja — the other party involved in the incident — has not spoken out since it occurred.

Some viewers speculated that the entire disagreement was some sort of publicity stunt, wondering if JiDion and Pokimane would soon announce they're signing to the same streaming platform. Others argued that because JiDion was permanently banned from Twitch, it's unlikely he set out to earn clout from the public feud. No matter what happened behind the scenes, it seems that fans will get the full story from JiDion and Pokimane soon.