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Corpse Husband's TV Reveal Has Fans Going Wild

Corpse Husband is one of the most popular names in the online world, whether people know him from his music or through streaming with his friends. The recording artist and gamer has streamed less in the last few months, but he has definitely not slowed down. Last year, fans were happy to hear that the real reason Corpse Husband kept turning down "multi-million dollar" deals in the music industry was because he felt safe as an artist and that plenty more would be coming on the horizon. Now, Corpse has revealed to fans one of his newest projects, which may have been one of the endeavors he was referencing back then. It looks like Corpse Husband's voice acting career is taking another leap forward. 

On February 6, Corpse Husband shared on Twitter that he would be voice acting in the English dub for "Tribe Nine," a futuristic sports anime set in a world in which conflicts are resolved by a game of Extreme Baseball (via MyAnimeList). Specifically, Corpse will be playing the role of Ojiro Otori, one of the supporting characters. He definitely looks the part, too, as Ojiro's shown wearing a metallic mask that matches Corpse's aesthetic. "I couldn't have asked for a better first role," tweeted Corpse Husband, "very honored to be a part of it."

Corpse's tweet also included a brief clip that showed off his take on the character. In the clip, Ojiro Otori can be emerging from a helicopter and looking out over a vast cityscape. This is when fans are treated to the briefest glimpse of how Corpse Husband will lend his signature tone to the character, as Ojiro Otori grumbles to himself, "How insignificant." The clip ends with the character walking away from the edge, leaving fans hungry for more.

Fans are over the moon to see Corpse Husban

Corpse Husband's announcement had his followers going wild, with many of them already pointing out the similarities between Corpse and Ojiro's design pretty quickly. One fan even shared that, even though they hate watching dubbed anime, they'll gladly watch the English dub of "Tribe Nine" just to hear Corpse's voice.

It wasn't just the fans that were excited, either. Plenty of Corpse's fellow streamers and content creators also congratulated him and expressed their excitement, including Karl, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, TinaKitten, Jacksepticeye, and  TimTheTatman. Fellow voice actor Jenny Yokobori welcomed Corpse to the anime community as well.

Even Funimation, the company responsible for the dub and Western release of "Tribe Nine," jumped into the mix, simply replying to Corpse's tweet with a series of fire emojis. The series is already being released one episode at a time, with the release of the English dub trailing only a few episodes behind the Japanese version of the show. 

Of course, this isn't Corpse Husband's first foray into the world of voice acting.

Corpse Husband's recent voice acting career has been a treat for fans

Fans of the gravelly-voiced streamer and musician likely know that he actually got his start by using his natural talent to tell stories. Corpse Husband rose to fame by recording frightening tales and dramatic readings of infamous creepypastas on his YouTube channel. He's made his return to this type of content on a few occasions, with the most recent being a 16-minute animated project called "The Strangest 911 Call I Ever Received." However, there's a good reason he doesn't make many of these videos anymore. Getting so deep into the world of horror had a bit of an unexpected side effect on Corpse Husband, with the streamer complaining that the process of putting these types of videos together often left him feeling unnerved. 

However, it seems Corpse Husband is more than happy to inhabit characters in projects he isn't spearheading himself. He recently surprised fans by lending his voice to a short film tying into "Dying Light 2: Stay Human." And luckily in the world of anime dub acting, the action has already been written and animated, and all he has to do is step in and bring his particular character to life. One thing's for sure, fans will be excited to see how large of a role Corpse Husband plays in "Tribe Nine."

While "Tribe Nine" is still an ongoing series, fans have given it middling reviews on sites such as MyAnimeList. Maybe the arrival of Corpse Husband will be shot of spooky adrenaline that the dub needs to put it on everybody's must-watch lists.