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Nintendo Switch Sports Release Date, Trailer, And Games - What We Know So Far

Ever since the Wii, Nintendo consoles have become famous for their motion-controlled sports games. Many fans remember spending sweat-soaked evenings frantically swinging their nunchucks in an attempt to best their friends and loved ones in a game of Wii Tennis. That's why it's been so surprising that Nintendo never made a sports game of the same caliber for the Switch. 


The console's JoyCon controllers already have the prerequisite motion control functionality, and there are even special accessories out there like the Ring-Con that have added more diverse physicality to gameplay. The Nintendo Switch has also continued to sell better than anyone ever anticipated, showing that many fans still find it to be a worthwhile platform.

Those fans will be happy to know that the February 2022 Nintendo Direct has announced the all new "Nintendo Switch Sports," which looks to be everything an indoor jock could want. Here's what we know about it so far.

When is the release date for Nintendo Switch Sports?

So when might gamers be able to get their hands on a copy of "Nintendo Switch Sports?" It turns out they won't have to wait very long at all. The official Nintendo website already has a page dedicated to the game, which states that it will be available on April 29 – just over two months after it was announced!


In fact, excited fans can already pre-order the digital edition of the game for $39.99 USD. Players might not want to go digital in this instance, however, as they might miss out on an important piece of equipment. The site states that physical editions can be preordered from local retailers, and that physical copies of the game will include the Leg Strap accessory meant to be used in Soccer. 

Those who don't want to wait for the official release can also sign up to play test the game's multiplayer mode. Registration for the open play test opens Feb. 15 at 5PM PST and the test period will last from Feb. 18 to Feb. 20.

Is there a trailer for Nintendo Switch Sports?

When "Nintendo Switch Sports" was announced at the recent Nintendo Direct, the company displayed a trailer for the upcoming game that showed off some of its exciting features. Even though the video is brief, it actually offers up a lot of information about the title's different play modes


For starters, there's "Play Globally," which is for gamers who want to play online with people from all over the world and earn items. Then there's "Play Locally" for when gamers want to play with other people in the same room and "Play with Friends," which is another form of online play that is exclusive to gamers on the player's friend list.

The trailer also goes through each of the games that will be available when "Nintendo Switch Sports" is released, showcasing the various features of each and explaining what players might expect from coming updates. Naturally the graphics look much better than in previous iterations of Nintendo sports games, but the animations of the Mii's movements really stand out as being exceptionally more natural-looking than they have in the past.


What games will be featured in Nintendo Switch Sports?

There will be six games available when "Nintendo Switch Sports" is released late April. Tennis, Bowling, and Chanbara (an arena-based swordfighting game) are returning from past Nintendo games, while Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton are all new additions, which will give veteran players some exciting new challenges. All of these games are set to be controlled via the motion sensors in the JoyCon controllers. Each of them also utilize unique movements, so no two games will feel the same.


The trailer also announced that two major updates will be added to the game for free after its release. The first is promised to come out sometime this summer and allows gamers to play Soccer matches with the JoyCon controller and the Leg Strap accessory. Until then, only the Soccer Shootout Mode will make use of the Leg Strap. The second free update is set to come out in the fall and will add Golf to the game. This is great news, as it will likely keep the game relevant well after players have thoroughly explored all of the modes and sports available at launch.