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TimTheTatman's Curse Has Finally Been Lifted

If there's one thing his fans have been able to count on, it's that any football prediction from TimTheTatman will fall through. Just as his fans love TimTheTatman's "relatable" gaming skills, they find a kind of joy in what's become a long-running streak of inaccurate guesses. However, things have now taken a turn for TimTheTatman, who is off to the races with a monumental one-day winning streak.

Though he's gained a reputation for being a bit of a jinx when it comes to football, TimTheTatman has pressed on with his sports predictions against all odds. On the day of Super Bowl LVII, the streamer and sports fan took to Twitter to make his calls on the big game in between puffs of a cigar. As he said in a video for his fans, "The day's finally here...it's the day for the TimTheTatman curse to be vanquished. The Rams will beat the Bengals tonight in the Super Bowl. Remember this video."

Before the two teams faced off in the Super Bowl, TimTheTatman was the subject of some playful teasing by everyone from doubtful fans to even Bud Light, which went so far as to offer the streamer free beer if his prediction came true. Though the world had every reason to believe the prediction would go up in smoke, the Super Bowl ended in a victory not only for the Rams, but for TimTheTatman's confidence.

TimTheTatman's Touchdown

As always, TimTheTatman's confidence was through the roof during the game, even when the evidence wasn't quite there. While his friend and fellow streamer Ninja tried to get him to break after the Bengals scored a touchdown, TimTheTatman stood firm on his prediction. Ninja couldn't stop himself from laughing at TimTheTatman after the generally unlucky guesser told fans in a video, "I know it's looking bleak right now, but Rams are about to drive and score."

That they did. Just as TimTheTatman predicted, the Rams secured a Super Bowl win thanks to a very late-game touchdown. While it was clearly a big win for the team, the victory felt nearly as huge for TimTheTatman. In a celebratory video, TimTheTatman stood by his call: "I called it! Rams were gonna beat the Bengals." Ninja, who had been poking fun at TimTheTatman for what looked like another failed prediction, jokingly popped in to claim that he "never doubted him for a second!" Tim eventually broke into laughter as he wrapped up his video, saying, "I can't help but notice the Rams won. That's crazy man, I can't believe it."

After this successful call, TimTheTatman went full speed ahead into his next lofty prediction, tweeting, "so since my curse is broken – thoughts on the Cowboys winning next year?"